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June 30, 2016, 7:42 pm

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Myojin Belias, Comptroller of Mercury


A variation of Man/Moment/Machine (NPC/Plot/Item)

Myojin Belias

The Myojin Belias is the Federation Comptroller of the planet Mercury. Far from the Atlantic Federation, and completely devoid of anything resembling water, Mercury is a cruel and harsh world. The comptroller of the planet resembles his world, harsh and unforgiving.

Myojin System: the Myojin are an instrumental part of the Atlantic Federation. They are a manifestation of the caryatid system, but rather than being attached to a warship or station, they are free ranging systems, typically mounted in a mobile platform. The myojin are relatively new, less than a few decades in service, but they have more than proven their worth. The system started as a Nipponese product, but it was shelved in the development process after the Caryatids went online, as the dedicated caryatids were superior in functionality and performance. The myojin system had three relatively minor advantages, low cost compared to the caryatid, smaller unit size, and high mobility as result of that. The Federation sourced the myojin system and put in place in their command structures, while the Imperial Nipponese Fleet retains it's human and AISC controllers.


The Myojin Belias is a hybridized mecha-form, consisting of a power armor unit melded into the chassis of a Wolverine S (space model) main battle mech. This odd configuration was the manifest form designed by the Myojin, and was assembled under it's supervision. The sentience of the myojin is buried in the torso of the Wolverine, while it's communications and human interaction systems are centralized in the power armor. This also give the myojin two sets of arms and two classes of weapons it can use, both mecha and power infantry. This might seem like a dubious advantage, but the smaller aspect of the unit can wield hyperedge blades, progressive spears, or exotic weapons while the mecha arms can heft heavy autocannons, plasma rifles, or shields.

The purpose of the Myojin is relatively simple, coordination and maximizing of Federation activities on Mercury as well as maintaining the Federation's dominance and claim over the planet. Most of the the Myojin's attention is devoted to the resource extraction operations on the planet. The largest operation is the mining and refining of metals. This is monitoring largely automated facilities, as well as coordinating the movement of cargo ships to be filled with Mercurian metal. To a lesser extent there is the matter of monitoring several science stations, helium mining operations, and several minor facilities such as a triple max prison or the Phloston Paradise Pleasure Dome.

The Tomb
The Tomb is the triple max prison on Mercury, a facility used more for terror and intimidation. Inmates are moved through the facility so that it garners a reputation as a bleak and terrible place in a system that has grown around creating bleak and terrible places. Facilities are spartan, temperatures are hot, and creature comforts are nearly non-existent. With most of the population consisting of wojeks, security autons, and self propelled mining equipment, it is easy for the system to 'forget' something like the oxygen content of the air, or chemical contaminants in said air supply.

The Myojin keeps it's 'palace' at the Tomb. It's palace serves as a docking and repair station for it's mecha sized body, and is the central intelligence node of the planet.

Phloston Paradise Pleasure Dome

The Pleasure Dome on Mercury is a demonstration of wealth, power, and luxury. Located on the surface, under a high temperature solar ablative dome, the facility houses a massive faux sea, with artificial waves and air currents. The facility is an exotic island paradise, basking under the sun, which looms overhead. The Pleasure Dome has been on the planet for over a century, and is a resort for the Glassenheim Foundation, and it's Anunnaki masters. Myojin Belias holds a rank inside of the Foundation, as well as membership in the Sephiroth Cabal.


Belias rarely speaks to anyone human, instead preferring to communicate computer to computer with either his robotic drones, the L/AISC computers on space ships, or through protocol droids. These protocol droids are nothing on par with archandroids used by AISCs, but rather are not much more than mouth pieces with artificial personalities. Belias himself is largely indifferent to most things, having two interests, the long game of the Federation and it's dominance of the Solar System and Mercury's role in that objective, and calculated cruelty. Belias enjoys the suffering he inflicts on organics, and makes a point of seeing just how far he can push the limits of habitability before the soft humans start perishing. The greatest threat to Belias is boredom. Life on Mercury is tedious, and most traffic is robotic, mining ships and automated reports from robot factories. To offset this boredom, Belias does stage gladiator style events, including robot fighting, and human survival games, such as releasing prisoners onto the surface of the planet in spacesuits, with the winner getting some fantastic prize, but more often getting a grisly death, or retreating to weep and bleed back in their cells.

Plot Hooks

Belias is a villain through and through, and his position on Mercury is as much as a prisoner as overseer of the planet. Dingus based missions can find plenty of reason to go to Mercury, the Foundation could have a vault facility, and Belias could certainly act a dragon protecting a hoard. Likewise, a VIP based mission could work for finding a prisoner, scientist, or missing person who was kidnapped and routed through one of the Mercurian stations. Finally, Belias himself is a low ranking, but powerful member of the hidden master/Anunnaki and destroying him and making a fracas of Mercury would deal the organization a blow. Not a massive one, but they would have to move resources to repair the damage done, replace Belias, and then increase security on the planet, not entirely unlike the outcome of the Dolittle raid in WWII.

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Voted Aramax
January 26, 2017, 9:58
4/5 Nice piece here, not very inspiring but note worthy. An above average take on a kinda old trope.

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