File Name: Mr. Invincible, true name unknown

Morphology: augmented human/non-cybernetic

Race: Anglo-Irish

A slightly taller than average man with short light brown/blonde hair. Has a quick, clipped accent, and speaks with charm and sophisticated wit, and a very joking personality. He is charismatic and likeable. Has a known preference for aged brown spirits, cigarettes, playing cards, and zero interest in intimate relations with women or men. Ref: Kristoph Waltz

Sex: Male

Age: unknown, mid to late 30s

Occupation: Wasteland 'operator' 

Residence: nomadic, but favors North Africa, and the European DMZ

Faction/s: Wastelander, Enochian, Anunnakian


Wastelander Business Suit - superficially a well out of date, filthy, and battered looking three-piece suit that was custom made out of anti-ballistic material, a sort of poor-man's Business Armor.

Cranial cyberlink to the CogNet, allowing hands-free, device-free access to information networks. (suspected, Mr. Invulnerable would have to be captured and then vivisected to discover if this is true on not.

Basic gear that is not out of place on a Wasteland operator, such as basic survival equipment, thermal reflective cloak, basic weaponry.


Mr. Invulnerable is a ghost operative of the Anunnaki and the Enochians operating in the Middle East and North Africa, their strongholds. As an operator, he is their eyes and ears on the ground, somewhere between a spy.  and a Mr. Johnson.

His reputation for invulnerability comes from surviving multiple daring incidents, dimensional fatigue events, aerospace crashes, assassination attempts, and all-out battles. He is not unscathed by these events, but he does seem to survive them, over and over again. He has survived being shot, attacked by giant 'bugs', chemical weapons, collapsing buildings, a mech exploding, and as mentioned, multiple aerospace and ship wrecks. 


Active, last seen in New Carthage. Federation COINTEL agents are working to find and eliminate him.

The Real Deal:

Mr. Invulnerable is a very unique man, one with an unusual gift. Formerly Charles Oberland, he was a semi-professional tourist and 'travel guide' for people who took virtual vacations. He was caught in a dimensional fatigue event, barely survived the ordeal, and when he was pulled out on the other side of it, he found himself with almost horrific levels of regeneration. The people who pulled him out of the wreckage were Noddite Technophiles, and he was taken back to their hidden holy city of Enoch. There he was subjected to horrific human experimentation and they discovered his regeneration was strong enough that if they were careful in cutting him in half, both halves would regenerate, like a planarian worm. They would have two Oberlands.

This is how Mr. Invulnerable survives. He has a radical 'healing factor', though if sufficiently starved, his body will cannibalize itself to a certain point, and then if that fails, it can shut down into a sort of hibernation allowing him to wait out rescue. With this and investments in body armor, and experience with dramatic and sudden violence, Oberland is well versed in survival. In the instances where he fails to survive such an event, the Enochians go back to their source, the original Oberland, slice him in half again. The new Oberland is sent into psychotronic programming, and the original is placed back into medical care.

His internal modifications include a cyberlink inside his skull (a surgery only allowed by his supernatural healing ability, antigen tailoring so that his biogenic signature is harder to track, pheromone augmentation (boosting charisma) and an additional gland inside the jaw that allows him to create a mild euphoric chemical in his saliva. He is immune to this effect, but close proximity or mouth-to-mouth contact can cause other people to enter a relaxed and compliant state.

When the Enochians have a job they need done, they take Mr. Invulnerable, program him up, and send him out to do the job, and come back if possible.

What they don't know is that several of the presumed dead Oberlands have survived, broken their psychotronic programming, and are living out low key, but also, unusual lives, around the world. 

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