Mother Swamp. The true centre of the world, at least to those sentient beings who call it home - the swamp that time forgot. Hidden deep within the moss-covered thickets of the Slumbering Woods, Mother Swamp is preparing for another leap of evolution.

In appearance, Mother Swamp is a mass of stagnant pools and overhanging water vegetation, most of which are almost unrecognizable to even the most talented herbologists. In the few square kilometers that make up its area, there are easily more forms of plant and animal life than the rest of the world put together. Mosquitoes and other less recognizable insects swarm over the thick, slimy surface of hundreds of puddles and ponds, and strange, unnatural creatures lurk just under the surface. A constant heavy mist hangs over the area and drips slowly off every leaf.

Within the boundaries of Mother Swamp, the air is so saturated with magic that a kind of abnormal concentrated evolution occurs. Within a few weeks, species can change tremendously to survive in their environments, ensuring that Mother Swamp's flora and fauna are never the same for long. In addition, Mother Swamp's primal energy dampens sentience, meaning that anyone caught within its boundaries quickly loses the will to act as a civilized being, instead falling back into the primal instincts that once held their ancestors in sway. Thus, any PCs who venture in will find thinking and intellectual reasoning becoming harder and harder, until finally they may snap and disappear grunting into the mist.

Back in the mists of time, Mother Swamp was the monumental place where the unthinkable happened: the first animals left the water and lived on land. Though many dwelt within the swamp for aeons, many also left seeking more territory, and unwittingly freed themselves from the swamp's primal restraints, allowing for the development of civilizations and the shaping of the world as it stands today.

The dominant species in Mother Swamp are the Fishkin, who have only recently crawled from the depths, a kind of mockery of the first creatures to ever set foot upon land. Through a freak twist of Mother Swamp's very evolutionary nature, they have developed an immunity to the intelligence-dampening aspects of the magical field, as well as to the many strange diseases that breed in the swampy muck - effectively using Mother Swamp's own rules against it. A very young race, the Fishkin have yet to venture into the outside world - yet their aggressive nature and viciously fast breeding make them a threat just waiting to happen...

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