Special Equipment:

He has a piece of the castle rakes legendary sword
10 javalines of ligthing 1d4x10 dmg (giant javaline that turns into a lighthing bolt).


He is short for a cyclops, has a fullplate red armor and he is bald. He never shows his face to anyone but the emperor himself.


He left Cyclop's Island when he was a child to look for a job in the Western Empire. He started as a gladiator but soon the emperor make him his bodyguard and captain of the 66 batallions of the Western Empire. He is the one that does the dirty work for the emperor, he is selfish and arrogant, gold and power means everything to him. He has been lost for the last two months. They say he was corrupted by an ancient rune weapon and takes shelter in a dwarf fort at north that forms the capital city in the mountains of dispair ( he and his minions killed all the dwarfs in the fort ) and their are rumors that no one can stop him.

Roleplaying Notes:

He is corrupted by the piece of the rune weapon and he will do anything to keep it and I mean anything. His minions were kill by the undead corpses of the 13 dwarf kings he woke up when he stole the rune weapon. When the party gets to his chamber he will be a little mad and sayiing he knows they are coming for him and do nothing until the players try to get the rune weapon that is in a chest behind him ( feel free to make any changes he has no spells and this character is for palladium rpg fantasy but like I said before fill free to use it in any system tanks and enjoy this npc)

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