The Central Headquarters of the Geek Federation's Ministry of Fandom is located in a large office building that blends in with the rest of the buildings around it. It is officially known as the Headquarters for the Organization for Transformative Works.

From the outside it appears that there is nothing suspicious that would indicate the presence of a secret government agency. It is just a large office building with a secure parking garage in the back. But all buildings have some level of security. Nothing out of the ordinary. The entrance to the building has a large sign that says: "Organization for Transformative Works".

But behind that facade is a very complex security system that has multiple layers to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the Ministry of Fandom. Most extremely sensitive locations are in a bunker located under the basement levels and entry to that area is only via high security elevator which requires a biometric key card authentication to access that floor.

Security cameras monitor all areas of the building both inside and out. Blast gates located at various intervals can be quickly closed to isolate intruders and seal off individual sections. Guards are stationed at most points of the building. All personnel entering and leaving the secure areas must pass through the checkpoint in the reception area.

Some floors are general access level while others are restricted access only. Most of the rooms are admin offices, meeting rooms, and other normal office building rooms. The first level basement floor contains the Detention Blocks where intruders and suspected spies are kept temporarily while being investigated. Access is via a remotely operated security gate.

The less patrolled areas of the building are protected by laser grids which will activate an alarm when touched. All doors can be locked down when the alarm is activated. The elevator to access the bunker can also be shutdown to prevent unauthorized entry.

The bunker level is guarded by its own security team and a separate checkpoint must be passed to proceed inside. Lethal force is authorized in the bunker to stop intruders if need be. But it is strictly a last resort to be used only if and when the intruder engages in combat against the guards with equally lethal force.

The Ministry Data Vault that contains some of the most sensitive information is located in this bunker. This includes lists of agents, and locations of clandestine sites among other secret files. This room of servers is located towards the back of the structure. The Data Vault is completely isolated with no network connections and data must be accessed and uploaded via the local terminal inside the room.

A large blast door secures the entrance to the Data Vault and a two factor authentication is required to open it. A biometric key card and set of 64 bit security codes. Same with the terminal inside which then requires a set of 320 bit keys to decrypt the data stored inside.

The most high profile breach of security was when a spy hired by the Authors Guild was sent to infiltrate the Ministry and recover a list of data havens that hosted some controversial fanfics of a series of popular fantasy books. This list was inside the Data Vault and the spy was captured after failing to authenticate in the elevator to the bunker. After being interrogated, the spy was tossed out the front door after spending 3 weeks in the Detention Blocks.

No one believed he was able to leave the Ministry of Fandom HQ alive and accused him of lying. This is because the Ministry of Fandom maintains this elaborate disinformation campaign stating that everyone who has ever tried to infiltrate their sites never returns alive.

And to an extent, that is true in the fact that many of the well known attempts to raid the Ministry of Fandom have resulted in the deaths of the people trying to breach them. This is becuase most of the people who try to infiltrate the Ministry have tried fighting their way through when caught rather then surrendering.

The building's internal LAN is also well protected. There are 5 redundent firewalls hooked into an Intrusion Prevention System that will shutdown the entire network the moment unauthorized entry is detected. All connections leading outside the LAN are through secure Gateway Routers that log the details of every packet going through them. The servers for the 5 firewalls are located in 5 different locations throughout the building. Unless you shut them all down at once, the system locks and no one gets in.

The computers that run the security systems and cameras are on a closed loop seperate internal LAN with no connections to the main LAN at all. An Intrusion Detection System keeps an eye on this Security LAN and scans for any nodes with external connections that an insider might install and alerts security if any are found. If alerted, then the Security LAN also locks out all user access to prevent external tampering.

Also there is a backup generator located in the bunker that keeps the entire building powered alongside the solar panels on the roof. Those are also closed circuit to keep them from being remotely hacked.

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