It is a policy within the Ministry of Fandom to never engage in interrogation methods that could constitute as torture. But there was a dark time in history where the Fair Use Enforcement Directorate worked with the Department of Circumvention and Directorate S to maintain a network of secret detention and interrogation facilities known as Black Sites to persue a few video game companies who resorted to extreme lengths to stop people from using their IPs in ways they didn't like.

This network was managed by a secret branch of FUED called "Unit 101" and agents working for it would capture people suspected of working on or have knowledge of "hostile activities" by the target companies. People captured by the unit would then be secretly transported to Black Sites all over the world.

Inside these facilities, prisoners would be kept in conditions not unlike a medieval dungeon. Various methods of interrogation were used including: waterboarding, cold water cells, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, stress positions, mock executions, and tools designed to give the illusion of injury while not actually causing any. The purpose of these methods were to extract information about "hostile actions".

When all information was extracted from the prisoners, they were secretly taken to random locations and released. One notorious company had the head of their legal department captured by Unit 101.

This Director of Legal Affairs was taken to DETENTION SITE: RED codenamed The Black Pits. This site was located in an old stone fort and the director was held in a small cell in total darkness. Hands were chained to the walls and were only freed when he was taken to the interrogation room and waterboarded. He was told that the Unit was aware of his hiring of Private Investigators to spy on and intimidate a console hacker.

The Unit wanted the names of those PIs and knew the director knew them. He refused to talk after 6 hours of waterboarding so he was returned to his cell and left inside for the rest of the day. It took three sessions of waterboarding and sleep deprivation to finally break him down. After he caughed up the names, those PIs were captured by Unit 101 and taken to 5 different black sites.

The Director was then told that those PIs were captured and would be tortured to death with whips and blades if he didn't cease his persuit of the console hacker. Of course this was a lie and no such thing would actually happen. The PIs were just being given the same treatment as him.

It didn't take long for the PIs to crack and start talking. Upon the mere threat of waterboarding they revealed every detail of the investigation and provided the names of the people they reported back to. After Unit 101 was absolutely sure they coughed up everything, they were each warned that they would be assassinated should they work for that company ever again to intimidate someone before taken to random locations and released.

The people the PIs reported to, were then captured and taken to DETENTION SITE: PURPLE codenamed The Snake Pit. There they were lashed with whips that hurt but didn't cause any lasting or severe injury and left no visible marks. It only took 60 seconds of this treatment to get them to talk. After the revealing everything about the operation to intimidate the hacker, they were kept at the site for 2 weeks and then released to a random location.

Finally the Director of Legal Affairs was released from the Black Pits after 3 months of being imprisoned. Before being released to a random location he was also warned that an assassin would be sent to kill him should he attempt to run any similar operation ever again. After this ordeal, every detail of the intimidation operation was leaked to every media outlet in the world. The resulting controversy resulted in the company changing their IP Enforcement policies and the mass firing of everyone involved in the intimidation operation.

This is perhaps the most well known operation done by Unit 101. But there are lesser ones not known about. Currently Unit 101 is disbanded but their files remain classified.

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