Full Description
Midarans have milky white skin, alabaster smooth. Literally. They are of stone, a perfect white marble. Their eyes are usually lapis, but other colors are sometimes inlayed. Some of the females have lips that are inlayed of other colors. The males and females both have "hair", stone that is a different color and texture than their normal stone. This hair will move and flow mimicing real hair. They often go without clothing, showing off their Grecian perfect bodies. However, they will often wear clothing that fits the local norms.

They are wiley traders. They are also known to be excellent mages, though they will seldom show off their powers except in dire emergencies.

They have a taboo about speaking of their origins or their families, though they claim to have families. No one in the known world actually knows their origins, but the speculations abound. It is assumed that they are Magichena, magically constructed lifeforms... golems that can animate each other. However, their origin and source is unknown to modern society. They have been trading in the known world for a few centuries now, and are part of the local social fabric in a number of places.

Additional Information
Unknown by most, they are related to others: The Stayers. The Midarans are the Go-ers of the Stayer's history. If you need background and history, read the Stayers's post. Their is no anamosity either way between the two groups, though relations are a bit "stiff".

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