The Gorgoneion is the presentation of Medusa's head/face as a symbol or icon of protection. This is typically found on doors, wall hangings, necklaces, shields, and set into armor plates.

In New Themyscira the display of gorgoneions is common, and Medusa is all but the Uncle Sam of the island. The New Themyscirans might try to publicly more associate with Greek and Roman goddesses, but internally favor the female monsters and heroes more, as they are the true figures of female power, not the feminine allies of the patriarchy.

Secondary - on the island, most any place that has one of these devices displayed is without question saying Women Only. Men who violate said boundaries are treated as trespassers, serial repeaters might be incarcerated for a short time (misdemeanor) and those who attempt a serious violation, especially one of sexual or obscene intent is very likely to be castrated for their efforts.

Medusa Helm

Medusa Helms are stylized helmets that link to power armor. They have the appearance of the standard gorgon, including a mane of snakes. These are cosmetic, even if they might have light up eyes. One of the advantages of a power armor warrior wearing a Medusa helm is that they are incredibly intimidating, having an 'Oh Shit' factor that would match helms that are made to look like human skulls, or say, the Predator's helmet. If a woman in power armor shows up wearing a Medusa Helm, she is there on a no quarters mission and will have no compunction about what she does in the completion of her task.

Medusa Slitheroid

A Slitheroid is a mechanical/cybernetic snake. These can be used for industrial and repair work, being adept at climbing, working in confined spaces, and not being limited in movement like most body forms are. A medusa slitheroid mates the upper torso of a woman or femme bot with the body of a slitheroid, creating a 'Gorgon'. The humanoid torso limits some of the advantages of the slitheroid, and the normal locomotion of the body usually puts the chest and face towards the ground, likewise limiting mobility and perception abilities. The creation and use of Gorgons and Medusa slitheroids is similar in concept to cyber-centaurs. Not the most effective, but a personal choice, and a did it because it could be done.

These Gorgon cyborgs are adept at moving in space and underwater, and do have a high level of area presence. They will also represent the more extreme factions on the island, and off of the island these cybernetic modifications can be found in cybernetic snake cults. People like robots, and snakes, and robot snakes, and becoming half robot snakes. New Themyscira has the most famous Gorgons, but the majority of this mod are found across the wastelands, and are very popular in Southeast Asia.

Medusa Piercing

The actual Medusa piercing is a stud through the lip beneath the nose. In the CE, this can be used as a piece of Dazzle, or a bio-telemtric device. The more interesting version is the Covert Medusa Piercing. The CMP is a delivery system, usually activated by a specific pattern of contact, such as a somewhat forceful kiss. When the pressure sensor is triggered, the medusa delivers whatever it is carrying. This could be a hypo-spray of a specific chemical (sedative, stimulant, hallucinogen, neurotoxin) that disables the target. It could be a dose of a specific virus, triggering an epidemic in the target area. It could be a sudden electric shock that allows the wearer a chance at a free action or two, allowing them to escape a bad situation, or make an attack of opportunity.

Medusa Weaponry

Related to squirt guns, Medusa weapons fire a chemical agent. They differ in that the ammo being fired is in a frozen state and can tear through clothing and puncture the skin, where is melts and enters the bloodstream. The injuries themselves are typically not serious, akin to 'ratshot', but the most common round for medusa weaponry are paralytics. Being shot with one is a quick trip to muscle rigidity and paralysis. These are non-lethal weapons commonly used in New Themyscira. Most are have a limited range of fire and the overall dose is low, as hitting the same target too many times can cause critical paralysis and death.

The Medusa Rifle is the most commonly known version of this technology and is the standard non-lethal weapon of New Themysciran peacekeepers and law enforcement. One of the reasons that the island is not more frequently targeted by third party shadow ops is that the locals make a very large deal out of taking as many attackers alive as possible. These prisoners very quickly become sources of information, potential political problems for the people who sent them, and the Amazons know how to use fear and intimidation as weapons. There are worse fates than being killed on a mission. Sometimes when the NEMESIS agents are done with a shadowrunner, they release the shell of a person back to where they came from, so that other potential ops who knew them before would see that the Amazons could do to a person (man) who crossed them.

Medusa Snake Drone

A Medusa Snake Drone is a three foot long auxon/drone. They can be worn as decorations (gold serpent coiled around the arm, or a belt, or an unnoticed accessory in the hair, large dress, etc) concealed easily, and otherwise be made unnoticed. They can do anything that a mundane drone can do, and are otherwise unremarkable other than their slitheroid construction. They, as non-fliers, tend to avoid notice, making them effective sneaks and snoops. Following the snake pattern, they can be used as weapons of assassination, delivering fatal bites.


While HERA (Homeland Espionage and Recon Agency) functions as New Themyscira's Intelligence Agency, MEDUSA is the name given to the island's special forces. The women of MEDUSA are elite special forces, and are trained in working in a variety of environments, and are equivalent to the SEAL forces of the US military. They make extensive use of biomodification and augmentation technologies for a physical advantage, but eschew the use of cybernetics, power armor, and other heavy equipment used by other branches. The typical MEDUSA team carries little equipment, and can pass through most security systems without tripping augment and cybernetic detectors, and will then use asymmetrical and guerilla tactics, improvised weapons and devices, and otherwise use what is around them to carry out their mission. Should heavy gear be required, MEDUSA typically doesn't equip large amounts of it, but they can easily get their hands on it. There are no official made for MEDUSA mecha or aerospace fighters, but if an operation needs one, almost any member of a team can passably drive a mech, power armor suit, or anything else they are given or decide to take.

MEDUSA ops are flesh and blood commandos, on the border of being supersoldiers.

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