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Bio-telemetrics are technological devices that provide a shortcut between a citizen's biometric monitor and their digital identity

In the old days, everyone had to rely on face value, racial profiling, data mining, enhanced interrogation, requisitioning records, and other manual methods of gathering information. A person in a medical emergency was at the mercy of a vast inefficient bureaucracy. A victim of an accident or a crime was vulnerable until another person witnessed their situation, or someone just stumbled across them. The gesund auf changed a degree of this, a person's medical and personal information could be instantly accessed by someone with a scanner. A person in a medical crisis or in the middle of accident could ping for assistance. But these remained limited.

Thus was born the field of bio-telemetry, biotelemtrix. This technology creates a live time feed of biometric information.


The Bio-telemetric device is a relatively simple tool. The biotelemetric device links to the user's gesund auf device to their personal accessory network, and even to Bio-Monitoring security services.


Biotelemetrix are increasingly used as Identification Devices. This is increasingly accepted as a form of security clearance. People with registered units can use them to walk through security checkpoints, or ticketed events, and so forth. This eliminates the need to keep up with tickets, passes, letters of access, and so forth.

Med-Alert companies monitor the health of their clients. This ranges from mundane health screenings and monitoring to crisis intervention. This can be as simple as alerting a person to if they are becoming sick, or activating emergency medical assets in case of a medical crisis. Med-Alerts can also help in disaster scenarios tracking victims and missing people.

Security monitoring companies and anti-crime computer systems use biotelemetrix to track criminal activity in urban areas. This allows for law enforcement and security agencies to respond to criminal and terrorist activities.

Data collection services will gather information from biotelemetrix and use them to supply advertisers and other companies that use such information. This is traditionally nothing more than getting biofeedback from people watching ads, using certain products, or general info in certain time periods.

The practice of cathex hot-linking connects a user's cathex program with their biometric feedback, creating a much faster and much more responsive simulations.


The most common type of biotelemetric unit is a bracelet. This chunky bracelet has adequate space to house it's transponders and regenerative power source, and a nearly microscopic DNA sampler. This prevents someone from stealing and using someone else's ID jewelry. This is the largest type of the device, and the least expensive. Fashion being what it is has made the common bangle type biotelemetric device gauche. This has lead to designers creating alternate versions. The device need not be visible to people since the systems that access it are digital and cognitive.

Biotelemetric Medallion - typically attached to a necklace, the medallion is smaller than the bangle and more discreet. It can be worn as a necklace or around the waist, under clothing. These can be made with an ornamental exterior, a designer slip case.

Biotelemetric Jewel - reduced to minimal size, and relatively high cost. The jewel can be placed in a ring, earring, body piercing, or epidazzle implant.

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