The Weaponoid program was largely considered a massive, but highly creative, failure. It did pioneer some interesting idea, and one of those was the Mecha Jump Pack system.


The Mecha Jump Pack is a drone controlled vehicle that has it's internal power generator, propulsion system, weapons systems, and can and does function as a stand alone vehicle when needed. It is large enough to grapple onto the back of a light or medium mech and give it limited flight capability. As such, it has a pterodactyl like body with large wings and not much else.

Sample Mecha Jump Packs

Sky-Wolf: the counterpart to the Federation's highly successful Wolverine mecha program. The Sky-Wolf can link with a Wolverine and in a matter of seconds integrate it's control, power, and sensor systems with the mech. Linked with the Sky-Wolf, the Wolverine gains the ability to fly slowly and at a relatively low altitude. While flying at less than 200 mph is painfully slow for a flying machine, it is dramatically faster than the fastest mecha, and can provide high mobility in rough or congested terrain, and Sky-Wolves are incredibly popular in Space Wings, where without gravity or atmospheric drag, it is capable of moving like a heavy aerospace craft.

Valkyrie II: The Kingdom of Scandinavia is very proud of their Valkyrie mecha. The Valkyrie II is it's jump pack counterpart, and is more capable than the Sky-Wolf. The Valkyrie is also almost half the weight of a Wolverine. Unlike the unarmed Sky-Wolf, the Valkyrie II has four weapon hardpoints, and a pair of integral medium range lasers.

Osroc and Osroc II: the largest Jump Packs, the Osroc and Oscoc II were build for heavy an assault mecha. The Osroc has a tandem A-Pod core allowing it to move heavy mecha at moderate speed. It is entirely devoted to flight, and is unarmed. The Osroc II is two Osrocs welded together to light assault mecha.

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