The first bazooka was an improvised weapon, Federation mech jock, Lt. Kitty Gibson, picked up an unfired N-9 Sledgehammer missile. Gibson had her LAI hack the activation codes for the missile while she picked it up and positioned it on the shoulder of her damaged Wolverine. In the undocumented incursion at Yates Cosmodrome, Gibson fired the anti-ship missile into the face of a category 3 teratomorph. The armor-shredder warhead turned most of the creature into bloody pulp. While not slain, it was badly injured enough that the rest of her reflex team was able to take it down with autocannons and hyperedge blades.

The Bazooka

The Bazooka is a quick and easy to use disposable weapon. It consists of a much smaller Morgenrote interceptor missile with a quick link system and a launch tube. The Morgenrote is a commonly available light naval missile equipped on destroyers and frigates. It is normally fired in volleys to intercept incoming mecha and aerospace craft, or in saturation attacks against fortified targets. It is too large of a system to be mounted on even the largest mecha, but a single shot missile is easy enough to manage.

Range: Long.

The bazooka has a range up to 10 kilometers.

Payload: Variable

Conventional Explosive - high yield armor buster, capable of severely damaging a battlemech or light warship.

Anti-Ship - a larger shaped explosive designed to cut through the heavier armor of larger warships, capable of destroying mecha, but more expensive, and has less maneuverability as fuel has been swapped for a larger warhead

Fusion - tactical hydrogen warhead with a 100 kiloton yield. Very powerful weapons, but restricted access. Only black ops have access to Valiant Fusion warheads.

Nergal - tactical graviton warhead with a 1 megaton yield. The Nergal is an Anunnaki weapon. A handful of the missiles have been equipped but none have actually been deployed. With a 10 km range, the shooter is still inside the blast radius of the weapon, and unless powerfully shielded and armored, is very unlikely to survive the explosion.


The Federation Morgenrote is the common bazooka, and is found in most mechadromes. The other world powers have their own versions, with the ACPS being the most prolific users. Their Chu-Jung heavy missile launcher is less accurate and has a shorter range than the Morgenrote, but it hits much harder. Where China lacks precision or finesse, it compensates with firepower.

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