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It is fairly simple looking. It is small, green, with five roundish green leaves. It is a juicy leaf that can be dried.

Additional Information
This herb grown naturally in the wild and has an interesting effect on any creature that consumes it. With remarkably predictable repitition, nine months after consuming the maternity blossom, the creature passes a stone of a quite painful size. The biology of the creature matters little as the stone forms inside the creature organs and is sized by thier functioning, so a stone that is painful for a mouse is mouse-sized, and a stone that is painful for a dragon is dragon-sized. However, no matter what creature eats the blossom, it is always nine months time before the stone is passed, regardless of the creature's natural gestation period.

This herb has been worked into a great many wedding rites in several cultures. The herb remains potent whether eaten whole, brewed into a tea, chopped, frozen, baked, fried, o anything else but burned. While the wife of the marriage is likely birthing thier fisrt child, the husband will be in agony as well, no sympathetic pains real or imagined, just agony. Afterwards, while the couple is recovering, most new fathers are dumbfounded after comparing thier tiny stone with their new child. Such a comparision undoubtedly leads to respect and reverance for the mother.

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Princess Albretta of the Andalonic Consortium is a virtuous lass, a paragon of what a lady should be, in all ways. Physically, she is stunning, with an hourglass figure, long, flowing locks of auburn hair, and dainty, delicate facial features that only the most purebred nobility could offer. She is second to none in the College of the Consortium, first in her class - a shining example of a good student. And she is virtuous - attending all the necessary ceremonies to Vashjar, the local deity.

But perhaps a beautiful mind and spirit are not enough to fight off the alluring call of the physical body. As of late, the princess' gowns fit a bit tigher, as the hour glass has slowly but surely yielded a bubble in the midsection.

The king is furious, for the Duke of Onderhol, who was betrothed to Albretta, has suddenly become adamantly opposed to marrying said Princess, robbing the Consortium of promised prestige and wealth.

Now there is a witchhunt - or, more appropriately, a man hunt. Ten thousand Sovereigns to the one who brings in the culprit. Rest assured, the minor courts have turned into snake-pits. Everyone is looking to frame someone. And they are willing to pay to hear what they want. All eyes are turned to Nefaris, the King's local court Wizard, who is allegedly all seeing. He would surely be able to reveal the perpetrator, for the right price of course.

((and of course, Neferis also has a basket of curious Green Flowers from a far off land. Neferis is responsible for the "impregnation" - but his fraudulent fortune-telling scheme is sure to merit him with a great deal of money.))