The Cloak is grey, quite warm, comfortable but of no outstanding design. Only a little skull symbol sewed on the inside pocket hints at something strange. It was created for a lowly ranger, to help him to hide better in nature. The pale mage could not resist to add a little bit of irony. Despite the disturbing effect, the cloak is not cursed, it serves its purpose well... maybe not the way his first wearer would like, but it works.

Magical Properties:

1. It raises the chances of its wearer to hide. A minor adaptive ability, it can partly blend into enviroment. Let's say a +2 bonus to the respective roll.

2. If the wearer cloaks himself completely, and he does not move at all for a while (especiallly if concentrating on hiding), the cloak... vanishes. It becomes both invisible and immaterial, leaving its wearer normally visible. But it in fact creates another ‘masking' effect:

The wearer starts to look like a corpse in an advanced state of decay, and most creatures sense him and behave to him as such. The corpse is complete with the illusion of stench and worms merrily feasting on it. Some creatures will avoid it, others (scavengers) in turn seek exactly these kind of bodies. Those in pursuit of the character will be able to identify the body as his, and depending on their mood and intents they could just leave it so, drag away, or kick it from anger. Or hack apart...

The cloak does does not hinder anyone from looting the corpse, or an animal to have a bite. It gives the usual (small) bonus to defense.

All of the behaviour above is valid IF the wearer does not move. A moving corpse will probably scare away animals, but intelligent pursuers are likely to use their weapons against one.

This illusion stays for as long as the wearer is tightly enveloped in the cloak, and does not move much. Once this is no longer true, the maggots creep back, and the rotting flesh starts to heal fast, etc. In a short time, the 'corpse' turns back to normal.

Smart players will surely find a way to use it. The DM can have some fun if the second power is not known...
'You wake up in this chilly morning and suddenly find your friend Ugrun the barbarian is a rotting corpse!'

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