The Marquise Noamuth Che'el is a striking elfin woman with long black hair, slender build and ears that come to an almost overly long point. She alternates between a regal demeanor and a hunched skulk, and either gives commands like a battle-queen or is completely silent. Her attire is common for the cold wastes of Noamuth, a long black oilskin cloak, and leather armor with metal inserts. In the cold, such gear would quickly freeze to the skin and sap away body heat.

The Marquise of Noamuth Che'el used to be a penny-ante thief and low level assassin. After a dispute between the then Marquis of Noamth Che'el and the local hunters and druids, she was hired to execute the noble and his wife. The assassin set out on her mission and was technically successful in her venture, the Marquis was killed by her blade.

But in truth, she failed. Not trusting a female assassin, the folk opposed to the Nobles made a back-up plan. They created a cursed Zhalinth Deshar and through the servants at the palace, snuck it into the noble's possessions. The Marquis had taken up the memory tablet and it had eaten away all of his memories, leaving him a still breathing, but unanimated body. After striking the killing blow, the assassin picked up the tablet herself, not knowing what it was. Her memories were ripped from her body and sucked into the stone, and the memories of the Marquis filled her mind. Dropping the tablet and breaking it, the assassin staggered about as she tried to survive the sudden shock to mind and spirit.

Realizing what happened, the Marquis made quick action, escaping the palace in his new... body. He knew that when his guards found his corpse, that his new body would be executed. Garbed in an assassin, he fled, but not before looting some valuabled from the arsenal and the treasury.

Two is a Crowd
This singularity of purpose would not last long, despite having all the memories of the Marquis, the spirit of the assassin remained. True, it was a shadow of itself, stripped of identity, but it remained. There are certainly many scholars and philospohers who could argue the existance and validity of every intelligent being having both a spirit and a soul.

Special Equipment
Elemental Sword

Roleplaying Notes

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