Princess Adeline is a national treasure. Alabaster skin of reported velvet softness, eyes of deep blue, like sparkling sapphires, cascades of golden ringlets, and rich red full lips often seen in her easy smile. No mere flower of the court, her open passion for hunting, especially the dangerous game of werewolves, would have lead women of lesser beauty to have their genders questioned. She enjoyed the hunt with as much gusto as the greatest hunters, and was considered to be of greater skill than a large portion of the men of court.

Two weeks ago, she went missing.

She left for a hunt with a small group of companions, and none have returned. Deep inside the forests of Jaegerwald, it was thought that their skills would keep them from harm that might come from the wildlife. Rumors of plots and jealousies, secret romances and treachery have filled the kingdom since her disappearance.

The king has issued a reward for the safe return of his daughter and his heir to the throne.

The players will only be one of a number of groups looking for the princess. Other include, but are not limited to:

The Kings Guard - They seek her safe return and will cooperate with the party, but will trust no one but thier own members to see the princess safely home.

Agents of UbelTrennen - Spys from the neighboring kingdom of UbelTrennen. They seek to remove the princess from the land, as hostage or corpse. They believe none other than thier Prince Zelig UbelTrennen should rule, and feel betrayed by the king for sending their prince to 'play stud' to his daughter.

Wernerunes - A secret society of thieves. More than just a reward, they seek to gain influence with the princess to help remove opposition from thier control in Jaegerwald. By aiding her in rooting out foreign criminals, their own image will become less distasteful. They would relish the opportunity of being her 'secret police' or 'spys'


However the intrigues and conflicts work out, the party is unable to locate the princess for a couple of weeks, maybe even three weeks. This is important as to the reality of what has happened.

The princess is now a werewolf.

As she is pregnant, there have been a few changes. Firstly, she can't control when she changes into a werewolf, which, while obvious, happens more often than normal as she can change regardless of any moon or moon phase. If she begins to feel threatened, she has a primal reaction to protect her baby in the best way possible, and so becomes a werewolf.

Secondly, as a werewolf, she has a lot more intelligence than normal. She is almost cognitive. She knows she can't be found out, as her situation would put her child at risk, so disposed of the bodies of her companions AND covered signs of their death and travels to the location of their demise as much as possible.

The wolf that bit her is alive still, although blinded in one eye now. He is tied to the moon and in every other way is a normal werewolf. When he is a werewolf, he makes a path towards the cave where the princess is hiding. He feels threatened by the soon to be born boy and will try to kill it, in the womb if he can.

How ever the conflict ends with factions, princess and raving werewolves, the boy survives. Not as a happy, coochie coo feeling, but as a set up to something even more disastrous.

The boy is not a werewolf.