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January 14, 2006, 1:48 pm

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Magic on the Wing


Falconry and Hawking has been important skill in a variety of places through out history. It is the sport of nobles and nomads, and many in between. In some places and times, Raptors are bonded to people, using their magic connection to everyones benefit. It is only natural that magical items connected to raptors and Hawking came into existence.

Falconry and Hawking has been important skill in a variety of places through out history. It is the sport of nobles and nomads, and many in between. In some places and times, Raptors are bonded to people, using their magic connection to everyones benefit. It is only natural that magical items connected to raptors and Hawking came into existence.

Falconry and Hawking is the sport of the nobles, rich, and important. It is to the nobility of the day and age as Golf is to the executives of today.

In other places it is an important tool for hunting and scouting. Falconry and Hawking makes short work of hunting small game.

Any important area of endeavor will eventually attract innovative technology for its tools. Given a fantasy realm, magic is that technology. It is only natural that magical items related to raptors occured.

This scroll (and codice) is about said items, magic items and charms used for hawking and falconry. Most of these items will not be “one of a kind”, they will be common enchantment… developed a long time ago and passed on to apprentices down the line.

Additional Ideas (9)

Gloves of Command
Gloves of Command are raptor gloves that cover the hand and the entire length of the forearm. They are made of firm leather, with strong angular cuts. What helps make them distinctive is the line of shiny brass rivets along the bottom edge.

The Glove, when worn, grants the wearer an increase of personal confidence, which translates into a slight plus when dealing with person skills, and a good plus when dealing with Raptors.

The true magic of the glove, which normally requires spell energy to activate, allows the raptor to hear and respond to loudly spoken commands even when they are far aflight.

2006-01-14 02:02 PM » Link: [2164#10949|text]
Gloves of Bonding
The Glove of Bonding is a large soft comfortable hawking glove, a trusting glove... a glove you need to trust the raptor not to punch through.

The soft leather is intricately tooled with a coursing pattern akin to Celtic knot work and scrollry. It will look aged and comfortable quickly, especially with the claw scratches on it.

Each glove must be made for a specific raptor. The raptor's name will be worked into the tooled scroll work.

The Glove, when worn, allows for a Bond between the raptor and wearer. This allows for telepathic contact between the raptor and the human. It will also allow the wearer to do some of the more interesting bonded magics with enough effort (see through the eyes, share the sensation of flight, or even transfer into the raptor).

These gloves can be used to train a bond between a pair. As they bond grows stronger (or as the Human gains skill in its use), they will not need the glove at all. However many still hang on their glove so they may share the sensation with others.

2006-01-14 02:14 PM » Link: [2164#10950|text]
Stand of Becalming Sleep

This stand has been enchanted so that any raptor who stays on the stand will become calm and soon fall asleep without a hood. Great for calming down agitated birds or to force injured birds to rest.

A side note: If a person leans upon the stand, they will often find their mind waundering... eventually they become lost in their day dream.

2006-01-14 02:28 PM » Link: [2164#10952|text]
Eyepiece of the Falcon

The Eyepiece of the Falcon is traditionally a monocle or worn magnifier. However, if your world has advanced some, eye glasses or goggles would also be possible shapes.

No matter what the actual shaped, the item has fine etching along its metal rims. The etching is a feather pattern.

The Eyepiece increases the sight of the person wearing it. It grants stronger distance sight (eyes of the falcon).

In addition it sharpens the sight of the wearer so they can more easily spot allows any bird they are currently flying.

With the expenditure of personal magical energies, the wearer can also transfer their sight to the falcon (or the raptor being flown). They can see what the raptor sees. This is handy for scouting, hunting, and spying.

2006-01-14 02:37 PM » Link: [2164#10953|text]
Jesses of Obedience

Some people simply need help in dealing with these near wild creatures. Thus the Jesses of Obedience were created. They make the unruly raptor more obedient and able to understand/ follow the directions of their flighe, allowing them to be flown more easily. It is helpful in training as well.

In short, they grants pluses to Hawking rolls.

These Jesses have small gold beads in their knots. That is the only way to determine what they are. If those beads are removed or fall out, the item is depowered.

There are some less savory uses for these items. Jesses are simply some leather thongs that can be put on the wrists of smaller humans. Those people find themselves more obedient and less free in their thinking. These are useful for those of the Evil Cultist persusasion... and could be found in a Garage Sale from Hell.

2006-01-14 02:43 PM » Link: [2164#10954|text]
Cord of Falconry

This is more of a charm than a magic item. The Cord is a small cord with two dozen or so brass and glass beads. It examined carefully, one will find one tiny single barb (the main shafts that slide off the central hollow shaft) inside each bead. The cord is wrapped around the wrist (usually held with a single line knot).

The cord is a charm, granting a simple +1 to Hawking rolls.

2006-01-15 10:36 AM » Link: [2164#10978|text]
Phoenix Feed

2006-01-15 12:35 PM » Link: [2164#10999|text]
Feather of Balm

The feather is an oversized one, with a wrap of gold and copper wire around the lower quill. There is a fringe of small beaded cords off the gold and copper wire wraps.

Running this feather along the feathers of a bird will both strengthen and smooth the feathers. (The Birds seem to enjoy this effect.) It will also promote rapid regrowth of lost or broken feathers. Regular use will allow a rapid return to full flight in 1/3rd the time or a month if no return was expected.

Running the feather while humming a charm will also help the bird recover injuries to bones and muscle.

One little know side effects, well unknown to all but regular bird trainers, is that this works on human hair. This could explain why those that care for birds often have such long, lovely, hair.

2007-09-24 12:51 PM » Link: [2164#30519|text]
Bell of Finding

These are tiny green patina bells attached to a trained raptor's legs above the jesses and the master's glove. The specially-made pair of bells will each ring with a different tone, designed to carry a long distance. The bell on the glove will "ring" slightly, if pointing in the direction of the bird's bells. The tone increases as they grow closer. The disadvantage is that it makes a great deal of noise in general use (especially when the two bells are close).

There are small bells used to keep track of children which use the same enchantment.

2008-04-30 04:32 PM » Link: [2164#65032|text]
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Comments ( 13 )
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January 14, 2006, 14:18
Horse Brass is a related topic. It is magic items for horses.
Voted Cheka Man
January 14, 2006, 17:21
Good for a game where Hawking is involved.
Voted Siren no Orakio
January 14, 2006, 17:25
While the average adventurer will have much more use for Horse Brass, this is the kind of stuff that fills a world out and brings it to life.

This can be taken in a vast number of different ways: Is it the sport of the idle rich, who use it for amusement? Is there competition? How expensive is a young raptor? Is there a black market in them? Is it legal for anyone outside a certain standing to own a raptor? Are magic falconry tools common, or rare and desired? Etc.

Good thinking, Moon.
January 14, 2006, 17:48
Is it the sport of the idle rich?
In some places, yes. In Europe it is the sport of Nobles. However Falconry has been primarily used by common hunters primarily throughout the Middle East. (Though Pharohs have been shown to hunt with them.) And the Mogals practiced it on the Stepps. If you have bonded animals (ala Lackey or any number of Romantic Fantasy Writers), important effective people do it.

who use it for amusement?
Hmmm. Depends on the world. It is much like a noble hunt.

Is there competition?
Actually you can. Both Wingmen release their birds at once and the first one that gets the target "scores". There are 3 to 5 target locations that can be put up. The bird that hits more targets first is the winner.

How expensive is a young raptor?
Depends on your culture/ society. They are not that expensive to buy, but they can be expensive to maintain.

Is there a black market in them?
Not that I have ever read about.

Is it legal for anyone outside a certain standing to own a raptor?
Sumptuary laws change from location to location. In England, where they actually listed what class/ profession should fly which birds... it was not "the law"... just "the right thing to do".

Are magic falconry tools common, or rare and desired?
Depends on the world, its magic power level, and so on. That would also flux.

I like minor magics and these are mostly minor magics. If enchantment fits the milieu, I would think they would be moderately common.
Voted Scrasamax
January 16, 2006, 23:51
I think this is a great idea, especially the use of magic gloves over trying to follow the idea of horse brass that extensively. This area could be harder to work in since there is RW customs of horse brass, I do not know if there is a hawking equivlant.
January 16, 2006, 23:55
None that I have ever found. The Birds wish to be unencumbered. Unless the raptor was some kind of bond bird, thus having access to more intelligence, it would be tough to have them wear anything else.
Barbarian Horde
May 15, 2006, 13:06
this site is really good and i wand to more details. can you give the details?
October 18, 2006, 18:17
What kind of details do you need?
October 18, 2006, 18:24
This is a shameless bump.
Voted valadaar
July 18, 2014, 11:39
This has sat uncommented for far too long. This is great stuff - I love the idea of falconry.

Voted Kassy
July 18, 2014, 12:37
Only voted
July 26, 2014, 2:11
You know... I was just about to go read Mercede Lackey's series which has birds as bond beasts. Maybe I will come up with more.

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