50's, human, female, rotund.

She's been around the block, and she's seen it all. She's had her share of kids, and she raised them all proper and right. She's been the owner of the local tavern for as long as anyone can remember, and she makes the tavern her own whenever she's in it. She commands the respect of the regulars as though she were their own mother, and the regulars include commoners and nobles alike. She has transcended her middle class status by sheer likeability and force of personality. People in her bar know they will be treated like family, and they provide her the same respect.

Special Equipment
Inn and Staff.

Roleplaying Notes
Imagine the stern but loving mother, and you've got this one down. She commands immediate respect from the regulars, and the regulars enjoy that her bar is relatively free from conflict. To this end, she has no problem stepping into the middle of a developing fight and making her 'kids' play nice, despite the fact that she is little more than a commoner. Attention grabbing face slaps are not uncommon for the rabblerouser to recieve from her, and her audacity is backed by almost everyone at the bar, if anyone feels offended enough to try to do something about it. She means well, and these tactics worked on her kids, and they seem to work on the patrons as well, who seem to appreciate the mothering that they get in the bar. Once the 'punishment' is doled out, she bears no grudges, and holds no ill will, as long as the offending person apologizes for their behavior. The reason she can get away with this activity? She's consistent in her treatment of the ill-behaved, and the people who prefer to enjoy their mead and ale in an atmosphere of joviality and tolerance will back her every time.

Personal Note: 'Maggie' made quite an impression on the party the first time I introduced her. They happened to be in the bar with a group of ne'erdowells, and something was about to start. Maggie flies in and slaps the biggest fighter in the party and the person he was squaring off with, and everyone in the bar basically stood shoulder to shoulder behind her, despite the fact that two obviously experienced fighters were about to duke it out. It really put a kibosh on the whole thing, allowing for 'another time, highlander' type of interaction between the two fighters.

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