MMWWW Goddess of Milk

In a world without almost any gods ,sometimes you have to take what you get. A tale of the Stolen World



In the constant 1000 year cycles of destruction that plague the Stolen World, all of the great gods have fallen in battle against the relentless feeding of the Star Whales. During their last fruitless stand, some of their power remained. A few relics and very minor servitors remain. MMWWW is the greatest and most flawed remnant of this power.

MMWWW was just a milk cow.The favorite pet of a powerful god of agriculture. When he died in battle, a tiny fragment of his power passed to his pet. Already semi-sentient, MMWW was elevated to a very unique power and status level. She was given only a minor increase in intelligence but has the ability to support a priesthoods clerical powers.


In appearance, she is a normal looking cow that glows. Her intelligence is only that of a very, very smart dog. MMWWW has developed the ability to hide from the ensuing Star Whale barbarism but is incapable of saving her worshipers. She must be rediscovered every thousand years. She is smart enough to help but unable to communicate the necessary information that comes from the complete destruction of civilization. Instinctively, she seeks out new priests at the beginning of every cycle.She has done this for over 20 cycles.Unable to effectively communicate with the new batch of priests, it is up to them to form a religion leading to wild variations in her worship. MMWWW seeks out farmers milking cows for visitation and conversion, leading them in every cycle to try and form coherent cults, Both hilarity and sometimes horror ensues. Her only course of action to indicate that she is unhappy with a priest is to cause them to lactate uncontrollably



A common cattle rancher, Boris' visitation's took quite some time to sink in. Fear only slowly followed by worship lead to his priesthood. He is not very bright(very fitting) and only sort of recognizes what he is doing. He preaches to other farmers the value of paying obeisance to MMWWW. He is slowly building a following that is all farmers and their kin. Several are close to priesthood,some of them way more qualified to lead. Unfortunatly its near the end of the cycle and this cult will not be of much use in the coming struggle.


Truly the dark side of what can happen. Meserest was a minor wizard who was asked by a farmer to explane what was happening to him. He quickly figured out this was an incredible source of untapped power. A power he could use for his own evil and selfish purposes. He has created a blood cult and tapped deeply into MMWWW's power.


A truly worthy priest was found halfway through this cycle and started a true church of MMWWW. With only the best of intentions and attitude, they have spread a voice of reason and tolerance. A few paladins have emerged in recent years.often ridiculed, but few can mock their force for good regionally. A simple philosophy has come to them of doing good.


A verity of cults manifest under a strong willed individual who uses the granted power for minor celebraty,gain or to aid a small community. There are dozens of these.


MOOOOO Spread the gospel

Stop Meserest from the sacrilege

find some way of increasing MMWWW's usefulness or intelligence



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iiiiinteresting, as they say.

My first takeaway was the hilarious visual of the cow Demi-god visiting a clueless farmer to recruit him into the cult.

I'm a big fan of this type of twisted 'divinity'. And playing a Paladin of the Moo would be fun.

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I'm actually going to run this as straight faced as possible

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I've said elsewhere that I'm a serious-minded person. Still, I think there's potential here for both humorous and serious gaming and reading.

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Okay, so this is very .. unique... :)

I'll leave this here:

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I'm curious as to why a 3.5 I can see 4s and even 2s but why was this only mildly above average to you? How could I improve it?

Is there anything missing? I assume the spelling and grammer are OK? I am trying to learn NOT criticizing!