The Shattering, As Told by Lydecker

With cataclysmic force, the Universe gave birth, attended by Time. First were the twins, existence and oblivion, opposites as white is to black, compliments mixing to gray. Lastly, conflict was bequeathed upon the world, to decide and observe.

The Universe heaved with her childbirth, and perished.

"I would create and grow from that which now is nothing." Existence proclaimed.

"It is noble that you shall do so." Oblivion agreed.

"But your touch- it destroys that which I make, and rends asunder what we love."

Oblivion considered the sibling's words. And Oblivion retreated from existence, to never seek existence's touch again.

I watched the exchange, joining in the creations of Existence. Welcomed as the first living creature to appear before Existence, I quietly refused the simple gifts lavished upon him for his natural thought and being.

"I have no need of your splendor, Existence. Spare your power on the more needy." I said, always surviving, never needing for want.

Conflict Arises, as also Told By Lydecker

I watched with Time, as Existence created her worlds and people, populating and moving from shard to shard. Great were her works, and amazing her creations.

All were glad to see her toils. Oblivion withheld from touching, afraid contact would spoil what was.

The imbalances created by the Shattering thwarted the separation between Existence and Oblivion, as some within creation defied the creator- and sought the end of all things.

Where Oblivion was forced to destroy some of Existence's creation, Lokatt was born.

Schooled and taught in the nature of the new Universe, molded to be the sentience and intelligence of the Conflict that would define all that was, will be and is, Lokatt assumed his position as god and Conflicted One.

I watched, burdened with my memories of old, slowly reminding me of what we lost.

The Universe That Was, By Unknown

Cain's memories of the old universe are broken, shattered. Untouched by conflict, unified and whole, Cain experienced the world in 'perfection', only to be be thrown into an existence not nearly as bright.

The living embodiment of every memory of the Universe That Was, Cain feels haunted. Life was a substitute of lacking quality, akin to rapeget, an abomination to the memories of what was, an affront to perfection.

Lokatt studied his fellow immortal. Weighed down heavily by the delicate movements around the machinations of Oblivion and Existence, Lokatt could do little. Oblivion languished, pained that its antithesis to Existence was used to bring harm to others.

Cain pondered this. Doubt and uncertainty grew in his mind, strangling his benevolent feelings towards what exists today. What once was, needed to be avenged...

Aftermath of Today.

Cain lives a mostly solitary life. Lokatt continues his travels, directing conflicts subtlety. Cain closes his eyes and sees what was- but now opens them to discover what can be. Shattered as it is, the Universe is not irreparable. Lydecker keeps his knowledge of the true state of the world a closely-guarded secret. Knowing the secret of Existence's creation allows one the dread access to Oblivion- trusted only in the hands of conflict.

Visions of Perfection

"Words are a pale reflection of the feelings I have for what I have lost. They are bitter thoughts, empty and dull compared to what I dream of. Bounty, riches. Peace. Smiles and laughter. I miss it Lokatt, I miss that serenity. Here, you're constantly stopping Oblivion 'sforces, making sure that existence can exist. It's all a mockery of what we've lost."


Cain is a quiet individual, never using four words what three (or less) could say as easily. Sleep comes easily to the man now, although he stills dreams of what was. Of the shattering, he remembers nothing. Cain wanders freely, always able to survive without much aid.

DM's Notes

Lokatt has discovered that Cain is in fact the sentience of the Shattering, and it's memories of the universe it destroyed. In this capacity, Lokatt believes that Cain may have been a failed Conflicted One that destroyed the universe so that it could regain its former splendor.

Cain is intended to be a source of information regarding the very substance and nature of the world as it is. Knowledgeable about Lokatt and the Conflict between Existence and Oblibion, Cain can easily give players perspective on their potential roles as arbitrators of Lokatt's power.

Cain can make a suitable end-campaign enemy should he learn of his true role in the Shattering. Insanity, sadness and a reawakened connection to Oblivion make him particularly dangerous- to the point where Lokatt's direct confrontation would destroy all that exists.

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