Lops Adventurer's Pack
Lops Bag is one of a large collection of items created by the Paradoxian Crafters Hall. It is a comfortable backpack of heavy quality leather, with metal reinforcing points. Shoulder straps and waist straps are securely reinforced. There are an assortment of straps, hooks and rings for attaching other items to the outside of the pack. Typically weapons, canteens, torches or other items to be needed quickly. PCH can customize colors to the buyers desires.

Lop was a mild mannered young man with extensive training in cooking. Born in the huge metropolitan city of Alexandria on the world of Tosa. Classically educated, raised in a well-to-do, though not rich family. He was a smart man, but not enough to be a magician. He was not religious beyond the normal attendance at services. He was strong but not heroically so, agile but no dancer, skilled in musical instruments but no expert. He was an above average man but otherwise, except in the kitchen, not a remarkable man.During the last year of his studies at the Imperial Culinary College he became involved with a group of adventures and ex-military soldiers. Partly out of boredom, partly out of naïveté, he went on a camping trip with this group. Much to his horror this trip became a sojourn into areas of the world he had no experience with. He found the adventuring life exhilarating despite its dangers. He developed into a fine adventurer with one draw back. On the adventures he groomed the horses, cooked the meals, and directed the tent set up, arranged camp defenses, and tended wounds. He was not a servant by any means, insisted on being a full partner on the adventures. However, he abhorred violence. When the adventures went into danger, he held the horses, looked over the group supplies, and prepared to tend the wounded. His sword rusted in its sheath from lack of use. In time his friends founded the Paradoxican Craft Hall and Lop became an administrator. This was after his retirement from adventuring. During his last adventure the group was surrounded by thousand of bugbears. Lop was eventually chased into a tree by one and despite his efforts was forced to use his rusty blade to defend himself. He hit the beast in the head and it fell from the tree, dying on impact. Lop forced his companions to help him bury it despite approaching danger. At this point they decided he should retire from the active life. As a director of the Paradoxian Craft Hall he has overseen the development of a vast amount of equipment to assist those fighting against the forces of evil run amok in the world.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Lops bag is a bag of holding with a supply of contents to assist adventurers. The bag itself allows a person wearing it to call to their hand any item attached to its exterior. Afterwards the item can be told to return to its place on the pack exterior. If the pack is open any item inside can be called to hand as well.
The standard equipment available in a Lop Pack is a Meat platter 2x 3, a Fruit platter 1x3, a bread platter 2x3 and a 5 gallon Bit Keg holding a specified alcohol, a 20 gallon Keg of ice water. Each of these activate once a day, food choices to be programmed to specific times. After use the items return to the pack. Each pack comes with at least one Flutter Tent. Usually 16x16 with a 12x10 dinning fly attached to the front. A flutter Tent is rolled out and the 8 points around the perimeter of the base of the tent are staked down. Then the tent flutters to life, as if inflated, and remains so for an hour. During that time support poles can be easily installed and stacked in place. When taking the tent down all poles are removed and the tent rolls itself into a tight ball and will return to the pack. Most bags come with a camp chair, camp table, rugs, fire pit, and an assortment of camp lighting. Many items of camp attire can be preprogrammed to leap from the pack and settle into a specific location in relation to other items. Fire Pits told to return to the pack are instantly cooled and cleaned.Any item arriving in the pack dirty is immediately cleaned.
Other items available in the standard pack include horse tack, camel tack, encampment cloth walls, bridging poles, pole arms, self rolling beds, fire pits, firewood, animal fodder, and siege artillery.

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