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March 1, 2008, 11:15 am

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Van Torxus first line of defense against intruders into his realm.

The Li’vah are large grey creatures looking a bit like woodlice, but on a larger scale.They have black spiny segmented armour on their backs. They measure just under a metre long and a foot and a half high, they have no eyes but instead they have an uncannily good sense of smell and can sense another living being within six metres of them.Their legs are short but incredibly strong and are used to propel them faster through the earth that they burrow through using their large maw.They where constructed using some sort of grey stone mined from the cave they live in and fire clay that Van Torxus had taken with him when he fled.
constructed out of both grey stone and Fire clay, this makes them both incredibly hard to damage if they don’t hae a blunt weapon, say a warhammer or other such suitable bludgeoning weapons. The fire clay is a highly explosive and dangerous material, made from lava and clay, magically fused with the stone, it gives them an even greater chance of succeeding in the defense of their master, by making them even harder to hit and any adventurers wishing to set fire to them by casting fireball or an electrical spell or anything the GM determines as a potential cause for an explosion, should look out for they’ll have a nasty surprise in store for them.

Additional Information
The Li’vah where created by Van Torxus (see "daggers of self destruction for more details) to guard his new underground domain after he fled Karonie Karile.
They are constantly patrolling the tunnels around his domain and are also sometimes found going on raids on nearby villages. They raid the villages at the whim of their cruel master inn attempts to instill fear and hopelessness into them so that they will eventually be forced into joining him.

Although they are sentient creatures and capable of their own thoughts and feelings, not many of them dare even think about doing what they want to do, as they all fear their masters retribution, one tried it before and was blown up in front of all the others in an attempt to crush the rising unease of the Li’vah. many of them are willing to try to escape the bonds of service to their master and break away from him to start a new life far away and underground, but as of yet none of them have really tried as they are all too scared to step forwards, and lead a mutiny against their master.

This might be a good idea for a plot hook, where the adventurers could come in to help the Li’vah, and destroy the evil elf lord, perhaps they were employed as bounty hunter by the elves of karonie karile to find and kill him, and as they try to carry this out the li’vah sense their purpose and try to aid them, thereby leaving their untouchable master vulnerable to danger.

Magical Powers
The Li’vahhave been given a few powers to help them defend his realm, in order to better defend him.

While they may not be the most intelligent beings there illusion spells can still be pretty accurate, there is a limit on just how well they can cast illusionary spells, which is enforced by their intelligence, GM’s should decide beforehand to what extent they can cast illusions.

Illusionary Ground(and illusions in general)
The Li’vah can make pit traps for their victims that have an illusion cast upon them to make them appear as a normal section of the tunnel.

As a result of them being constructed of fire clay as well as grey stone they can at the will of their master explode in a single ball of dark energy 3 metres around them.
The master had better make sure he is well away from the explosion…

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Comments ( 9 )
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August 20, 2007, 16:13
Updated: submission now done, just needed a few minor alterations.

August 23, 2007, 13:06
Okay, first the classics: spelling needs a little kick, formatting could be improved but that is no biggie.

The creature itself isn't bad, I like its strong dungeoneering bent. A few questions naturally come up - particularly how sentient, or intelligent are they? It appears they have some smarts, to know how to employ their magical powers. Do they have anything on mind, besides protecting their master? They are sometimes raiding villages, so perhaps there is something more.

What if they are afraid of the master they cannot leave? He can destroy them with a word or thought... they are essentially golemic creatures, but a touch of self-preservation can work wonders. Maybe they want to create another base, so they can be independent of their master, and raid the surroundings for useful items. Think of it... and you have a plot hook on your hands, and a way to take the defenses from that bad guy.
February 25, 2008, 8:41
good point ill try and add that, thanks for the advice.
August 23, 2007, 14:20
The basic idea is good, but I agree with Manfred's points.

I'd add the old request that a space come after punctuation.

Give it another look - most subs take a lot of work to get right!
Voted Wulfhere
August 23, 2007, 14:33
Deep within the subterranean domain of Van Torxus, the Li'vah scuttled and dug, endlessly driven to claim more for their master. Dread gripped their feeble minds, fear of the vengeful elven mage that had created them and could destroy them at a whim.

I really like these little subterranean constructs. They remind me of my blind undersea race, theTrench Dwellers. As Manfred suggested, I got the impression that the Li'vah feel emotion, but I might be reading more into the sub than was intended.

The Li'vah have personality, even though they could stand more detailing. I also appreciate the unusual behavior they exhibit, raiding local villages. Do they need something from the villages, or were they ordered to raid by their cruel master just to sow panic and chaos? They have powers of illusion, but these seem to be quite limited. Perhaps they lack the imagination needed to make more effective use of their powers? As creatures without a sense of sight, how do they perceive these illusions?

Their understanding of the world around them might be dramatically different from that of most creatures. As creatures with very limited perceptions, they might only feel safe in enviromaents where they can sense the solid barriers protecting them: In the open, foes outside the range of their perception would be a serious threat.

The Li'vah were crafted of greyish stone and Fire Clay: Could you explain what fire clay is?
Voted Cheka Man
August 24, 2007, 11:00
Only voted
February 25, 2008, 8:20
i think ill edit this sub a little, give it a tweak and see what happens.
February 25, 2008, 8:39
Updated: just fleshing it out a bit more it isnt quite done yet but it will be done shortly
February 25, 2008, 8:58
Updated: it is finally finished i hope its better than the first time i submitted it. please re-vote on it.

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