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On True Power is a good sized book with a dark brown hard leather cover and metal hinges. The book mark ribbon that is part of the binding is embrodered with a celtic knot pattern. The inside of the book is illuminated by somewhat skilled scribes. It is quite old. The paper (is it even paper?) is dry and crackles as it turns.

'On True Power' is an ancient book. It is Phobi-can's thesis on 'the ultimate weapon' and man's natural state. It made much a powerful statement, that the man's name came to mean fear (Phobia's)

Exerpt from the Introduction:
I know the ultimate weapon. Humans commit folly after folly because they are afraid. Fear was once Humankind's most powerful ally, giving enormous potency to the instinct for suvival. Now, fear has become Humankind's greatest enemy, and such is the obtusemenss of my species that is members do not realize it is the most powerful element of Human existance.

It is what drives them to embrace leaders who offer nothing more than false promises of security and doctrines that assure them that they are exempt from the inevitable consequence of being born, and to destroy the planet with insane consumption that does nothing more than distract them from their own mortality. They venerate charlatans and deny what is necessary to their own well-being because they are afraid. The situation is exacerbated by one of evolution's cruelest jokes, the capability to deny to themselves what they are doing even as they are doing it.

I have taught the followers of the crown that to overcome fears they must first face it. Once cannot change until one has accepted oneself fully. I have also instructed the minions in manipulating the enemy's fear, in the use of fear as a tactical weapon. With it, the minion of the crown are invinsible.

Fear is my weapon. I shall use fear.

This book is not a modern copy. This is a very old one. One that was translated from the Original. This one includes the spells and mental techniques that Phobi-can used in his teachings about fear and his use of Fear as a weapon. The language is quite old (requiring some obscure skills to read), but the spells are as effective today as they were centuries past.

This is the true spell book of a phobiamancer
Included are
Senses of Fear: finding the fears in the mind of others

Bolts of anxiety, Bolts of shock.

A variety of illusions to generate images of fear

Voice of Fear: The caster's voice carries a quality that generates a fear check in the listeners. Multiple checks need to be made if the target has multiple fears that are played upon AND the caster makes an oratory/ public speaking roll.

Flash Invisibility: The target remains invisible as long as they don't move. When they do, it projects a bolt of startling. They gain significant bonuses in terms of ambush.

Sneaky hands ( minor TK)

And remember that the text of the book shows one, step by step, how to utilize fear as a weapon to immobilize and control an individual, small group, or even an entire nation state.

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