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January 16, 2006, 12:09 am

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Leavven's Refuge


An armor that senses wearer’s needs?

Born in a hamlet on the borders of civilization, Leavven was strange indeed - an albino, tall and wiry. She could not stand the company of others, their very presence being painful to her, and strange occurrences were frequent in her vicinity. Also, too often the fear and superstition of fellow villagers awoke her anger, and gave them another reason to reject the young girl.

It did not take too long before Leavven took off into the wilderness, never to be seen again.

In the harsh wilds the lass quickly became sick, and the fever, combined with hunger and general exhaustion flung her far from what one calls wakefulness and sanity.
A tribe of savages discovered her staggering in the badlands, eyes focused on something they could not see, mistook her for a saint or godly messenger, and took her in.
While lying unconscius, she dreamt of safety, of a refuge, of warmth and a soft embrace ... and her latent magical abilities surfaced, drawing iron from the soil around her and coalescing it into a full suit.

Leavven took then off to a life of adventuring, nowhere at home, but few, if any, bards remember her anymore.

Magical Properties:

An ordinary suit of what seems to be rusty iron armor, poorly made. BUT if it is picked up by someone in dire need, it will reshape so that it fits the owner. The suit is not stronger than ordinary armor, but is self-repairing, very light and comfortable, keeps the wearer warm or cool as neded and reduces his food, water, air and sleep requirements by 50%, as well as adding a small amount of magic resistance. If the wearer has some sort of hypersensitivity, it dims the symptoms slightly - while an albino would have his eysight protected in bright daylight, a vampire would burn just a little slower.
An useful feature is that the armor dims the wearer’s aura, as well as masking his emotions - so, unless the helmet is taken off, the wearer may be afraid, but others will not see it (this also confers a slight protection against discerning the wearer’s thoughts or emotions with magic etc.)

As a final feature, one clad in the suit will seem slightly more formidable that he really is - even for an expert, it is harder to discern that the warrior inside the suit is a rookie swordsman :D

But remember - to use the suit for the first time, one must be in danger and desperate for help…

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Comments ( 5 )
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May 22, 2004, 9:00
Not a bad item, powerful, but not uber-powerful, and one must be in need to reshape the armor, so there IS a catch of sorts. A curious background that, though could be expanded and explained in more detail, is sound, and works fairly well.

I think this, though perhaps not as good as it could be, is not a bad item.

May 22, 2004, 20:03
I'm a big fan of backgrounds. With that said, this is not a terrible item, merely one that needs a more interesting background. As it is, it just doesn't seem that special. Her magic abilities made some armor. Woo.

May 22, 2004, 23:43
While this idea works excellently in a story, in a game it would smack of du ex machina. That is the problem between games and stories. In stories, thing can be truly grim and will eventually get better. There is no filter between the character and what is happening. You experience the feelings of the character.

In games players start out with balanced characters and a basic chance to succeed. There is the fickle hand of random fate plus the insulating knowledge that you are playing a game between the player and the character.
May 23, 2004, 16:19
True, oh so true ... I was thinkig of the scene when say a young girl, perhaps of noble birth, is in circumstances most dire, it stumbles upon this, and then, hiding behind a veil of steel from her enemies, she walks the lands, afraid from lifting her disguise, while the armor sings soothing words and comfort to her, and every evenening, its caring voice helps her to sleep...

But yeah, MoonHunter is right, letting a PC find this could be difficult, an NPC though, hunted by the characters, could gain another chance, and perhaps grow into a formiddable adversary one day :D
Voted valadaar
November 4, 2014, 15:31
An unusual origin. Spontaneous creation of magic items by one's subconscious.

A new one for me at least :)

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