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June 10, 2009, 11:50 am

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Laitha's tears


Long ago, longer still than even the golden age of Hamset, so long it is out of the memory of man, though not of the elves for they remember their history to the first.  Many secrets areheld by the elves. As this, a glass vial containing the tears of Laitha, the fairest, kindest and most beautiful living being to grace the world of Hamset.

Quelthelon trotted swiftly through the wood, a smile found its way upon the high elf’s face, this was the land of perfection, though evil was only just born, the war of the elves had begun.  The war was between the two children of Saina, the elf goddess,the dark elves and the high elves.  the dark elves shunned her away, hated her and what she stood for, their only reason was because they had discovered a new, easier to command form of power, evil.  Here, they saw that Saina was not of this force, to them, she was weaker, so they disinherited themselves from her care.

  In honor of their dear goddess, the high elves decided to wage war upon the dark elves.  Quelthelon was saddened for a moment, soon he would be of to war, then he knew that his time was still a few days away, he still had time to be with his lover Laitha.  Laitha was the most beautiful form of life, spiritually and physicaly.  Saina loved her for her kindness to all living things, secretely she gave Laitha the greatest power of all that she would soon learn.  Quelthelon had arrived at the gates of Ellivanor, the elvish city, the white city of the elves was built at the foot of a water fall with its water running through the city.  Upon his arrival, the guard gave word to open the gate, in came Quelthelon, his horse, of elven care and breeding made bo sound upon the stone ground, Quelthelon stopped near a small house, though small it held a sense of greatness.  Quelthelon dismounted and lightly knoecked on the door.  Moments later the door opened, there stood the radiant Laitha, Quelthelon embraced his love in a deep hug.  “I knew you would return to me.” whispered Laitha in his ear.  “Yes.” answered Quelthelon, choosing his words to soothe the soon to be angry she-elf.  “Return I have bu not for long, I will depart in three sunrises.” Laitha suddenly let go of him and stepped back, she studied his face.  “Why must you leave again? SHe asked in   bewildered suprize “Already have you served our kin an Goddess.”   “You know that I lead the army of Ellivanor.” replied Quelthelon softy.  “I am needed at the southern wing of the wood, the enemy masses, soon, if they are not stopped they will gain enough strength to attack the city, and I fear that it will be before our kin from Uni-mith can arrive to our aid.”  “Your comanders could lead the army.” pleaded Laitha.  “We could leave, we could o something!!” Laitha was greatly distressed, two months of fear of her lovers death and now another battle? this was to much.  “Come now.” said Quelthelon softly but ferm, “You wouldn’t want to forsake the lives of every elf in Ellivanor for our sakes would you?” Laitha bowed her head, tears brimmed her crystal colored eyes.  “I can’t bear you leave me again, you may ride to your death while I sit hear fearing the worst and wait t’ill the news of your passing comes to me?”  “If I should die, I will die for you, for our goddess and for all the elves of Hamset.”  He wrapped his arms around her, she sobbed lightly on his shoulder.  He kissed her brow then bent doen on one knee to make eye contact.  “Let us not grieve for dark possibilities to come, let us enjoy our days together.  Come, we will ride in the woods, it is a beautiful day.” She smiled through her tears and stood straight, he lifted her upon Drenewyn’s flanks, the elven horse stood solid still.  They rode for most of the day.

Laitha enjoyed her days with Quelthelon to fufillement.  He never left her, day or night.  She wouls sleep with her arms wrapped around him in fear that he would leave while she slept, for three days it was so.  On the evening of the last day, Quelthelon brought her upon the hilside near the edge of the woods of Halefas.  “The sunset is beautiful.” said Quelthelon, “Yes.” agreed Laitha, “The most beautiful I’ve ever seen.” Quelthelon looked hard at his lover, Though its beauty is darfed b your radiance.” She smiled, then looked into his eyes.  He then planted a kiss upon her lips, a long deep beautiful kiss.  Eagerly she returned it.  There, the two became one in the glow of the setting sun.  Together they mounted Drenewyn and returned to the city.  Laitha held Quelthelon’s hand in her own, together they entered her house and softly closed the door.

The next morning, Quelthelon woke.  He turned over in the bed and looked at her, smiled, then softly kissed her.  He then left, mounted Drenewyn and rode to war.

Laitha carried her basket to the stream to clean, it had been three weeks since Quelthelon had left and it was a beautiful day. She had forgotten grief and despair and had thouroughly enjoyed her last days with Quelthelon.  Then she heard it, the guardsmen’s horn rang clear in the air.  Her heart raced, the warriors of Ellivanor had returned!! Dropping her basket she picked up her dress as she ran to the gates.  Long did she search amongst the crowd of reauniting couples and parents to children, yet she could not find Quelthelon anywhere.  “My lady.” said avoice behind her, she turned to see Quelthelon’s chief commander, his face was pale.  She could not here hi wordsof sorrow.  she fell to her kness and cried crystal clear tears.  That night she slept a troubled sleep, then a vision came to her.  it was Saina, “Laitha.” said the goddess.  “Your grief is deep and terrible, yet it will heal, your tears have been enchanted, for now they defeat the evil Quelthelon gave his life for.  Though, another gift has been granted to you, in the wakes of death lies a new life.”  Confused, Laitha did not understand, then she felt the movement in her abdomen, her face smiled with maternal love, she carried Quelthelon’s child.                 

Magical Properties:

The tears of Laitha cam push away any evil it comes in contact with, nomatter what its depth.

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Comments ( 6 )
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January 7, 2004, 22:39
Hmmm...This reminds me of a certain elfy liquid from the Lord of the Rings...
Barbarian Horde
January 8, 2004, 2:58
You could read that?
January 16, 2004, 5:45
Interesting... I would welcome a little bit more precision in its effects.
May 26, 2004, 17:37
Should the liquid be emtied out of the vial within close range of any evil, the evil will be cleaned away
May 26, 2004, 22:55
Great Cthulhu!
An ancient evil has been resurrected here!
Perhaps we should use this item to drive itself away.
June 10, 2009, 11:50
Update: I think votes should decide this one. Not great, but not awful enough to shelve.


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