Special Equipment:

A wide range of potions and poisons, as well as a few expensive protection amulets. Her prized posseson is a silver ring given to her by her mother. the ring has a tiny opal in the center that glows red when someone is lying.


Nadia is sixteen years old, 5'2'', and has waist-length red hair and green eyes. She has no combat skills whatsoever, and largely depends on poison to get her out of tough spots. although her wealth and power is gone,she still feels soupierior to those around her. To everyone else, she seems unbearably snotty.


Lady Nadia was once a pampered Duke's daughter, wanting for nothing in her pampered lifestyle. Her happy life was shattered when her father was accused and convicted of treason. When royal guards came to take the family away, Nadia was the only one to escape.

Roleplaying Notes:


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