Special Equipment:

Exellent quality Battleaxe with jade ingraving and a jade pendant.


A strong and large man with many scars to prove his fighting prowess. But he is as handsome as he is strong, he is a dangerous beaty and he can seduce women if it serves his purpose. He wears only a black Hakama, Battleaxe in his hand, pendant around his neck and the sword marking him as a samurai in his belt. In battle he falls into a trance like state and fears nothing, he moves faster than his size would show, but he charges allways into the fight without protecting himself. He is not stupid, but no more intelligent than enyone else, but he has some unusual skills and methods. When speaking with someone he looks and talks like the other is a potential witch or demon, heck he treats everyone like that, only those who have proven themself before him have his respect. When he knows someone is evil, he will make the proof that they are. He has quite a large information of all occult.


As a kid he allways wanted to become a Witch hunter, and the first year he was able to attend the meeting where the old hunters would choose their apprentices he was certain to be chosen, but he was not. Depressed he went home but where sure that next year he would be chosen. He attended the meeting but where again rejected. He trained the whole year to fight and decided that next meeting he would show them that he was the best, but the old masters did not even look at him. Depressed he drank too much wine in a village and out of rage he killed everyone he could get his hands on there. In the morning he saw the destruction he had made and where sure to be caught, but he was allready seen. A man came to talk to him and ensured that he would take care of this thing and that he would become a Witch hunter if he came and be taught by him.

The fourth year he did not attend the meeting as the man ensured that the fifth year was the year he was gonna be chosen. As he entered the fifth meeting he was chosen by a master, but when his training began he noticed that his master did not like him at all. Still he grew to respect the old man and managed to gain his trust. The master told him about the man who had trained him before that he had blackmailed the master to take him as an apprentice to get a agent inside the Witch hunters.

One day as he and his master hunting a demon his master ordered him to wait as the master went ahead to scout. He heard as something utterly horrible made a sound that sounded like a scream. He ran to his master only too late as he saw something demonic leave the place. By his dying master he swore to hunt the demon down and slay it. He burned the masters body before it would rise as one of the monsters, he took his masters Battleaxe and went for help from the other hunters. None of the other hunters wanted to help him, he saw that the world was against him and he had to survive by his own accord, but first there where one man he had to get rid of. He killed a pesant in a ritual way with a sacrificial knife and snuck it and some other occult material into his blackmailer friend. The next morning he accused the blackmailer of heresy and as some other hunters found the evidence the blackmailer was killed as he tried to escape.

Next night he stood at the edge of the shadowlands and called out to the demon that he would be the demons Nemesis into eternity.

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