Mr Krasnov long ago saw a gap in the market that his bar could fill.It caters for Orcs, Goblins, Lizard People and other races that are seen, not as evil, but as inferior by many people, and has a strict *no humans allowed policy (except for Mr Krasnov himself of course.) It has two entrances, a steel door at the street, guarded by two Troll doormen, and a smaller door at the back guarded by a Gargoyle doorman, but trouble is relitivly rare due to the fact that many of the customers know that this is the only club willing to take them, so they really don't want to be barred from it.

Inside there are plush leather-backed chairs for those who want to sit and rest, a dancefloor of stone, strong enough to bear the weight of the heavyest troll or gargoyle, and hired bands who, depending on the night, will play the latest Orckish,Gobliniod,Lizard or Pixie tunes.There is also a huge bar with enough staff to serve up to twenty people at once.

Contrary to rumour, they do not serve human flesh at the bar, but almost every other dish and drink that the non-human race could possibly want is here, for a price. Here the non human races can look for romance,socialise and generally have fun with their own kind, secure in the knowledge that they won't be hassled or worse by any racist human *adventurers*.

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