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This strange mixture of components is matured in stone presses under heat and pressure for 3 days and cut into flakes or slices which provides a good rich flavor, distinctive aroma. The compression process is omitted and thereby the tobacco smoulders slowly and is long lasting. The ingredients in this tobacco mixture is herbs, bark and sunflowers.



The herbs used in the Ko-Ho baccie can vary a lot.
They are often blended to suit the maker and are mostly there for compression process and aroma.

Nod-Ha- The most common herb, a sweet herb with a rich smell of salt and honey, it has some indirect aphrodisiac qualities.


The Sua-He tree's bark is black and with reason. During summer the tree sweats some kind of black oil. This oil is said to be the ingredient that produces the most powerful effects of the Ko-Ho baccie.
The natives of Ankorill believe the oil to be the what they call the tears of the forest. In truth this is not a plant oil as most would believe. The roots of the Sua-He tree go extremely deep, and in summer due to volcanic activity
oil pours up from the gloomy caves under the islands. The oil mixes with some of the deepest pools of water which only the Sua-He trees reach. If taken unprepared the oil will produce intense visions and deep hallucinations.
Even a small dose of this oil in it's pure form may cause confusion, babbling and loss of motor control.

*The tree when drinking water separates the oil and sweats it trough pores in the bark. This leaves the bark mildly toxic with small fragments of the oil. After the bark is burnt, cut and sliced a milder, more "friendly" narcotic effect is left.


The Sunflower (So-Bloho in native Ankorillian) is also used on traditional bustles, burned as incense or placed with clothes for a sweet, long lasting odor. In other words a perfume. Calms user, causing a mild disorientation followed by a floating sensation if inhaled directly from source.
The sunflower is a sponge plant that take root in the rotten bark of tropical trees.
It grows as near the light as it can get. From the ground it can be seen towards the sun as rays of golden light.

If these Ingredients are prepared correctly all together the ceremonial Ko-Ho Baccie will be the result. It is used in holy ceremonies where the goal is to get in touch with ancestors, gods and spirits of nature. It is also common to see the future. All in all, the result of smoking the Ko-Ho can be rather random and surprising. It is believed that what you see and experience is the choice of the Gods.
Magic/Cursed Properties

Can cause visions of the future. Can be a medium to get in contact with your ancestors. If so it must be done in a controlled ritual. If smoked alone by an inexperienced the results can be a true nightmare. Mind-altering sensations, extreme time distortions and brain damage is a worst case scenario.

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