Kaloridon now lives in a remodeled flour windmill. The giant rotor holds just the bare structure of the blades that once drove the large mill. The inside walls are now fitted with shelves and racks to hold the seemingly endless amount of scrolls, books, and small knick-knacks.


Kaloridon fills the part of the ancient wizard. Long, wizened beard, crooked back with the head protruding off the neck at an awkward angle. A walking stick with a thick knot for a sure grip is never far from his grasp. A long flowing robe, gray in color, is in a advanced state of disrepair and seems as though it could not keep the slightest breeze from chilling the decrepit looking elf.

Despite his outward experiences he is a spry old devil that still retains a spring in his step. His voice is strong and invigorated especially when deep into an old story. His bright eyes dart around as if always searching and, in fact, there is very little that will escape his attention.


Kaloridon was indeed an adventurer of great renown, mostly in areas lying far from his current location. Most stories he can tell only rumors may have ever reached this area. Those others that are adventurers may have a more specific knowledge of some of the places and actions and through talking with the wizard may quickly develop a great deal of respect for the elder mage. Most of the town take his stories as just that, stories. They seem to like to humor the old one and he is a favorite of the towns children on the rare occasions that he departs his home.

Despite his greatness he was the victim of a drastic backfire of the creation of an item. His knowledge of what this item was has since departed his memory but it is the root reason for his current condition. Kaloridon suffers from severe epilepsy that is brought on by any type of magical casting. Even the utterance of a command word can set him into a sever fit.

Because of this he quickly got out of the adventuring business and after countless years of searching for a cure he had finally given up and settled down. He continued to move periodically for a few decades until he finally came to rest at his current location. He has an insatiable taste for the history of the area and for that reason it may be that he settled down where he is (hope I get to this plot soon).

Since his illness precluded the casting of any spells he has concentrated much effort on scrolls and the effect of them. His bookshelves are fairly covered with writings of the history of different areas as well as scroll research and probably hundreds of created scrolls ready for use. He is unable to actually use the scrolls but his illness allows him to write them without a problem. It has been a long time since his mind has been strong enough to continue in this endeavor. However, his mind is still crisp about the location of any and all scroll spells. It would take months to search through all the paperwork for anything of real use, but if he is convinced to give one away, he will know exactly where it is...and chances are he has pretty much anything imaginable.

Through the years his mind continued to get more and more flippant and dislodged. It is very rare now that you can get a coherent train of thought out of him except for the reminiscing of old adventures which he can tell from beginning to end without error. For that he is visited often by a few close acquaintances and followed by the children on his rare walks. He will always take the time to sit on the bench and tell stories.

If anybody tries to have a normal conversation with him they will find it very trying on their patience. His thoughts may start to answer but will quickly veer off path to an entirely different story. For those that visit, there is a favorite of his; Tom Domm, the baker's son. Every visit from Tom brings Kaloridon a pie, which is his favorite thing over all. A slice or an entire piece, when Tom visits all other talk stops except that about pies, flavors, types, history of them, anything.

Roleplaying Notes

-Through all the stories he tells to the children, they are always based on facts. For those that may take the time to listen there are important hints of locations and unfinished traveling that may lead the listener to untold fortunes and magic. His thirst for the history of the places he has gone flows into his stories so, more often then not, they are an accurate accounting. Most, unfortunately, think him just a story teller because of his senility.

-If the PCs are visiting, there is a 50% every hour that Tom will come by with a pie and interrupt any conversation. Once Tom leaves, Kaloridon remembers nothing of the previous discussion and it takes a gigantic will power to get him back on track and off the subject of pies.

-Will have pretty much any spell scroll you can think of, the difficulty is getting him to give one up. Patience, time, and the willpower to continually try and steer him towards your goal as his train of thought continually disperses.

-Has a deep knowledge of history of may regions and can give advice or enlightenment about many events, weapons, and creatures...even the oddest ones.

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