Produced by KwaZulu-Natal of South Africa, the leading member state of the South African Union of Republics, the KZN-A6 Solifuge is a heavy military cargo vehicle.


Length - 13.5 meters

Width - 5.15 meters

Height - 6 meters


Cab - medium conventional armor (Standard Heavy Ablative Composite - SHAC) offering good protection from light arms, including energy and magnetic. Offers moderate protection from vehicle weapons. SHAC is a thick and bulky armor that is good at dissipating heat, with ferroceramic 'sandwiches' that absorb kinetic energy.

Cargo Bay - medium conventional armor, sides are very thick, offering high degree of protection. Top is completely open. Rear ramp is same thickness as main body armor.


Pintle mount above cab can hold most conventional infantry support weapons, this mount is typically removed as the cab gunner is completely exposed and frequently killed by near hits.

Optional - Cab-Over turret - a COT installs a transparent aluminum ball turret on the top of the cab, with either a twin mount system for infantry support weapons like heavy machine guns, or a singe offset mounted larger weapon like an energy weapon, rotary rocket launcher, or power armor autocannon.

Optional - Drone Turret - the drone turret installs a larger power armor autocannon, typically in the 40-55mm range, with an autoloader and a target 'bot. These are not super accurate, but the drone is hard to kill, and a rapid fire medium autocannon can 'make a lot of noise'

Option - Cab-Over Gun Pod - Cab-over gun pods are gun pods that are mounted to the top of the cab and are fired by the driver. They are fixed, and the driver aims them by steering the vehicle. The Solifuge has a cab large enough to mount 4 gun pods on the top, and one on each side. The normal gun pod is a self contained 20mm autocannon, or 30 caliber machine gun. Cannon pods have a lower rate of fire, and smaller ammo capacity.

Cargo Bay Forward

The cargo bay has the option to mount a large single weapon system, like a dedicated gun turret (as a tank would have, with a corresponding autocannon) or a pair of smaller 'shoulder' mounts. The Central Forward mount is uncommon, as it lacks the larger ammo capacity of dedicated combat vehicles, and likewise for smart weapon systems. The shoulder forward mount is more common as is typically a pair of platforms with pintle mounts for infantry support weapons, much like the Cab Pintle mount. This mounts have room to have gunner shields, allowing them to survive basic return fire and shrapnel

Cargo Bay Aft

The Cargo bay aft can only fit a shoulder mount, as the central position is take up by the ramp. These have the same statistics as the Forwar shoulder mounts.


Power Plant - thermogenic battery system, requires recharging periodically. The unit cannot generate it's own power, and as such, seldom uses energy or magnetic weaponry.

Propulsion - each of the Solifuge's 8 drive wheels is connected to a robust electric motor, with a regenerative braking system. This allows for the vehicle to have a high speed, as well as impressive offroad capabilities.

Range - 600 km on basic charge.


The Solifuge was designed for the SAUR armies, and takes into mind their reliance on combat robots, power armor troopers, and armored vehicles, rather than mecha or walkers. The Solifuge proved to be a very tough vehicle, and one that was relatively easy to work on. The vehicle can move with half of its wheels shot out, and so long as two electric motors are functional it can keep on. The armor is relatively thick, and offers good protection against anything smaller than a mech.

The SAUR and other smaller nations tend to use the Solifuge, and similar vehicles in logistic roles, or as infantry support vehicles. They are cheap enough that larger numbers can be built, and then a large number of vehicles can contest a much smaller number of mecha, going for overwhelming fire. In a support role, Solifuges carry up to fifty tons of cargo with relative ease, and the armored cargo area can survive an ammo explosion.


KZN-RT-A6 Artillery Support

The RT variant mounts an artillery piece in the cargo bay. This isn't a long barreled cannon, rather the artillery support is a large bore siege mortar. The 400mm mortar uses a combination magnetic rail gas compressor system to lob 800 lb rounds at it's targets. It is nominally used to shell bunkers and armor formations, but can also be used at closer range to 'sucker punch' mecha or low flying craft.

KZN-V series Missile Carrier

The Missile Carrier version of the Solifuge has the cargo bay sides and ramp removed, and a launch rig is attached above the rear axle cluster. There are three types of missile carriers. The V1 mounts the large Grootwithaai ballistic missile. This 20 ton missile has intercontinental range and is a relic of the Petroleum Era. The original version was equipped with an atomic warhead. The modern version mounts an EMP warhead. The V2 version has a twin launcher for the Krokodil anti-ship missile. A fairly modern design, the Krokodile has the ability to inflict severe damage on small sky-ships like Federation destroyers and frigates, and can easily drop a carry-all craft. Finally, the V3 has a rotary missile launcher that is fitted with six Jakkal anti-mech missiles. The Jakkal is considered one of the best weapons the SAUR has, It can severely damage light and medium mechs, and with a critical hit can destroy them.

KZN-X Demolition Wagon

Used as a decoy vehicle, the Solifuge X is fitted with an arcanotech warhead. This exotic explosive device generates a staggering explosion, and a decent chance of a Dimensional Fatigue event. These are sometimes used as suicide craft but this is very rare. They are more often used as landscape altering weapons, or to destroy mecha formations.

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