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Iron-Shod boots are an uncommon form of armored boot. The main body of the boot is made of typical sturdy leather. The sole of the boot, however, is plate iron. The plate makes the boots heavy and tiring to wear, but they prevent spikes, caltrops and other piecing items from puncturing the wearer's foot. Some boots will have a thinner iron sheath over the arch of the foot and the toe, though this is often a cosmetic addition to set the boots apart from other leather boots.

In warfare it is common to use caltrops and other small puncturing weapons to slow the advance of infantry and cavalry. A soldier wearing a pair of these boots can kick larger horse caltrops out of the way and walk easily over small infantry sized caltrops. This is also effective against debris like sharp stones, broken glass and other odd hazards that can be found. Traction on slick surfaces like ice and glass are somewhat inferior to normal hard leather boots.

The Iron-Shod boot became well known for the warrior circle known as the Order of the Iron-Shod Boot. These solders repeatedly stormed defences and held against overwhelming numbers time and time again until their unique footwear became associated with being unmovable warriors. The boots are expensive, but are in use by some mercenary units that wish to exploit the perception of soldiers who wear this type of boot.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Most Iron-Shod boots are very mundane, but even so still have some impressive properties. Having an iron sole, the boot is heavy and makes for an effective kicking weapon. Few warriors are willing to risk an iron covered foot to the groin. Also, fearsome stomps can be delivered with the boot as the foot is in no danger of being injured from the impact. A iron stomp can likely kill if delivered properly to the face or the throat.

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