The Apprehension:
About two in the morning, six men from the Corpael Etasen unloaded a cow from a transport vehicle, which was then ditched. The cow was then lead to the middle of Harvard Square, where Ryan slit its throat. The players, having recieved an anonymous tip (which I later intend to reveal as one of the NPCs with a vested interest in the situation), arrived shortly after. Reva immediately fired a warning blast from her shotgun, causing the six men to immediately flee. John was executed by Evan after slipping in the cow's blood. Team A decided to chase after the SUV containing the four underlings, while Evan escaped on motorbike. The SUV the Corpael Etasen members were in suffered a rollover accident after a lucky shot by Reva critically wounded Jamar, who was driving.

The Men:

Jamar Feltis-

A tall, lanky man. He is in critical condition due to wounds inflicted by Reva's shotgun during the car chase that landed him and his partners in crime in jail. Jamar is barely able to speak. The youngest guy in the crew, at age 20, Jamar's involvement with David Branch's Corpael Etasen recently started, about a month prior. Enticed to join by his girlfriend, Jackie, Jamar quickly found himself getting more and more involved as David focused on involving him in more and more activities. Jamar wasn't told that they would be sacrificing a cow, and is sickened by the thought of it. Jamar drove most of the men to Harvard Square in the SUV.

Ryan Karn-

A sharp-mouthed degenerate who highly distrusts cops. Ryan was responsible for slitting the cow's throat and enjoyed doing so. Ryan's been with the Corpael Etasen almost since the beginning, having been brought on by Evan who was aware of Ryan's capacity and enjoyment of criminal acts. For the most part, Ryan hasn't been involved with the Corpael Etasen outside of their strictly criminal aspects.

Evan Uron-

David's right-hand man within the Corpael Etasen and the one who is most likely in actual charge of the Corpael Etasen on an operational level. Evan is cold, calculating and manipulative. He endures Ryan's fawning because Ryan is easily used for Evan's own ends. Evan delights in violence, to a level of sadism and peversion far above Ryan's delinquent ways. Evan wasn't captured by the players, and was responsible for killing John, the sixth man who was with the group. Evan arrived on his motorcyle.

John Larson-

John was shot in the head by Evan after he slipped and fell on cow's blood after the players interrupted the sacrifice. Learning how he figured in will require actually investigating him more personally, as the others in the crew barely knew him. John procured and delivered the cow, and also disposed of the transport after. He then walked to Harvard Square for the sacrifice.

Frank Gallagher-

Frank is a mid-level member of the Corpael Etasen, and has already helped with a few sacrifices. His sister comitted suicide- an event he blames on religion. His hate for religion lead him to the Corpael Etasen. Frank is extremely loyal to David and Evan, believing fully in their vision for the Etasen. Frank's parents have cut off contact with him, something that pains him greatly.

William Dodge-

William is a delusional paranoid psychotic with extreme prejudices against the police, who he believes are demons in disguise. If not for the rollover that occured just prior to his arrest, William would have to be heavily restrained or sedated past lucidity to ensure the player's safety in his presence. Encouraged to abuse steroids to improve his build by David, William is extremely muscular, although he shows symptoms (acne, irregular hair growth, etc).

Information Known By All Suspects:

1: David Branch is the leader of the Corpael Etasen. (This is to directly go against what Lucy told Aemilius last session.)

2: Evan is David's most trusted friend.

3: The Corpael Etasen has an inner circle, The Six, that is held up as the highest position one can reach within the group.

4: David refuses to take off his gloves at all times. (Rumors about this are moving around the lower levels of the cult.)

5: The Corpael Etasen preaches that end times are near, and that preparations must be made to weaken the forces of evil before it begins.

6: All other religions are evil. (This is a great way of recruiting people with grudges against religion.)

7: New memberships are coming in more slowly.

Information Known by Jamar (In somewhat correct order of easy to hard to learn):

1: John bought the cow from a farm out in Western Mass. and drove it in earlier that night.

2: The SUV used in the chase was stolen by Frank.

3: Evan disappeared recently for almost two weeks.

4: The Etasen recently started trying to pursue a rich business man in hopes of gaining access to his money. Jamar does not know how this went.

5: Ryan has been convicted of domestic abuse numerous times. Multiple ex-girlfriends would probably be more than willing to hang him out to dry.

Information Known to Ryan (Again, in relative order from easy-hard to learn)

1: Jamar is new to the Etasen, and most members think he lacks dedication in the group.

2: The Etasen has about fifty members- most of whom exist only as donors.

3: The Etasen has been looking for a building suitable for holding rituals and services in- without much luck.

4: David seems incapable of using computers.

5: Ryan helped Evan dispose of a body, which they threw into the Resovoir (that should get a nice ick response from the players)

6: Frank's parents have been trying to contact him for months, but David is preventing their letters from getting to Frank.

Information Known to Frank Gallagher:

1: The Etasen had a bitter feud with the local chapter of Scientology that ended after a molotov was thrown through the org's window.

2: John and Frank were good friends. John was extremely reserved, but also seemed very dedicated to the Etasen.

3: Evan shot John.

4: William's health is deteriorating rapidly due to his steroid abuse. His mental state is fragile, and he's already suffered numerous psychotic breaks.

Information Known by William (all extremely hard to learn):

1: Evan has no family, and seems to have no friends.

2: William has known David for almost five years- before the Etasen was founded.

3: David and Lucy were once a couple.

4: David has survived multiple attempts to kill him. Nobody knows who made the attempts.

5: William has overhead David talking to someone name Azoxul who was ordering him to kill someone.

Lies and Deception:

1: Ryan will at first try to convince the players that Frank was in charge of the sacrifice.

2: Frank suspects Jamar might be an undercover cop.

3: Jamar thinks Frank is a member of The Six.

4: William will claim that Ryan attacked and killed an police agent (James, the undercover killed by Evan), in an attempt to get the blame off of Evan.

Where it all leads:

The interrogation is mostly to serve as an introduction to the Corpael Etasen. The four prisoners can be said to loosely define the majority of members- addled, spurned by religion, delinquent, or caught up in bad business with no good way out. I also want the information provided by the prisoners to conflict with what Lucy told them, throwing her motives into doubt.

All in all, two huge targets should be painted on Evan and David's backs. Without a usual place of worship, this should prove problematic for them for a session or two. I'm hoping the players can come up with solutions to finding them through old fashioned police legwork and maybe some hacking skills.

The Duffle From Last Session:

The duffle contains a bloody robe, a knife, chunks of human meat, and a small voice memo device with a stickie note attached to it. The recorder itself will contain the first part of Romero Coultier, graciously permitted for my use by Scrasamax. The stickie note will frankly say "Who the fuck recorded this, Evan?"

After the cow sacrifice, Jamar was supposed to retrieve the duffle for the Etasen. The pig sacrifice was used as a drop location because it was known to most of the Etasen members. Romero isn't friendly to anyone, especially since the human meat in the duffle is from a corpael Etasen member, which he delivered to one of their members.

The message, at least for the Etasen, is pretty clear: Romero will fuck them up should they refuse to play nice.

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