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May 21, 2014, 8:26 am

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Cheka Man

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Inns to remember


Remember those cliché taverns the storyteller took you in a hurry? With the fat bartender who's just cleaning a mug as you enter? Yeah, none of those here...

The following taverns are for you to use the next time lodgings are needed and you want something remember able.

Tavern to the "Dwarven steam"

This exceptional tavern in the center of the town is where everybody meets. The furniture is sturdy, the owner Dirrin seems even more so! He and the waiters are busy but he is quick to joke at your expense. Each night a different bard sets the mood but if enough spirits are consumed by Dirrin he will sit down to play the main attraction a dwarven musical contraption powered by steam, much like an organ, it is like nothing the characters have ever herd. There are some rare drinks in this place and especially many strong drinks. Reservations are for the next week if you’re not noble and prices are triple. Business being good Dirrin purchased (or cleared the debt) for some enchancements, fires are really hard to start, food doesn't spoil fast and the beer is always cold. The rooms are reinforced and lockable.

Tavern to the "Ocean beloved"

This two storied tower like building is entirely made from wood and ropes. As you enter you immediately notice the warm moist air the platforms connected by short bridges and the captain saying "Welcome aboard!” You can look down to see that the basement is actually a big bath below your feet (you realize that's where the humidity comes from). Some of the local youth are swimming naked down there; some will even do what you want for a price... You sit down and ask for a place to sit for the night when you notice the hammocks on the upper level accessible by climbing the rope bridges in the middle. Your belongings can be pulled up with a net.

Tavern to the "Eastern spices"

The first thing you notice is the aroma in the air as you enter. You quickly see why as the walls are covered with drying plants. The owner is currently concocting something so you need to get closer. He's a tall slim man, as he looks at you the burn marks on the left side of his face become apparent (with proper skill you can deduce it's chemical in origin/ maybe steam). He's a rather dry person, but the food, oh the food is out of this realm. Only very seasoned travelers can claim to eat such things. The tea selection is vast and he even uses spiced wines. You can get herbs for most ailments here as well as lots of poisons (only in your wine if you behave badly), alongside alchemical reagents. You notice a cupboard full of books, potions and minerals. The rooms are standard.

Tavern to the "Chees and ham"

This little family business is part of a small farm, the man of the house mostly referred to as "dad" by the children and as "dear" or "you swine" by the wife is responsible for the drinks. The children are serving the guests, cleaning up, fetching things, tending the horses. The wife is cooking alongside the grandma. The name comes from the large dried ham and the cottage cheese hanging from the wall next to the kitchen. They certainly work up an appetite. Just try to call one of the daughters a "wench" and see as the whole family will go up against you until you apologize, even the grandma with a big knife. There are no rooms here but you are welcome to sleep on a bag of hay next to the fire.

Tavern to "Our lord and lady"

Not much sets this place aside from most other places, the food, the lodgings, and the rooms are standard. Your surprise comes when the old waiter comes up to the table and makes extremely accurate guesses on what everybody wants to eat that night. This guy is really smooth and quick with a good joke. When he serves the food you barely notice him, your food is just in front of you. When calculating the bill he will add "cherry" to the list at a good price, if vocalized that you didn't order cherry he'll respond by "It seems this doesn't work here", smiles and leaves.

Tavern to the "Old fox"

This looks like an old slightly run down tavern, it was nice when it was new. The whole thing is currently run by magic, which is apparently made by the young wizard that's running around. The tables walk themselves to the bar to drop the mugs on it. The brooms work by themselves sometimes bumping into the clients. The food is pretty bad, but the beer is cold. If any comments are made regarding the conditions lad says "I'm here because dad is sick, now behave or the table will throw you out". Looking at the table it probably could too.

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Comments ( 10 )
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Voted Dakeyras
May 21, 2014, 16:06
Only voted
May 21, 2014, 20:48
Another excellent submission, and the kind of inns that can make an evening session far more memorable than the rather bland taverns found in the published books.

Keep them coming, your submissions are a welcome addition to the Citadel!
Voted Silveressa
May 21, 2014, 20:49
Only voted
Voted Cheka Man
May 22, 2014, 3:29
I might add some taverns to this in time.
May 22, 2014, 3:31
You are welcome to add as many as you like. :)
Voted valadaar
May 22, 2014, 8:32
Good locations, some good color. There is something slightly off in the language, but all in all an excellent post!
Voted Kassy
May 22, 2014, 10:45
Cheka will turn it into a 30. You must beat him to it! :P
Voted Scrasamax
May 23, 2014, 13:48
Excellent submission, and I like that the inns themselves are presented not as destinations, but as places you pass through going somewhere. It is fairly common that we write up and present inns and taverns as end points, rather than as the cliche presents, starting points, or as they appear in stories and games, points between those two.

I liked reading this, and Eastern Spices made me think of mixing a tea house, a spice shop, and my favorite indian restaurant.

I'll have a chai, and has the dragonblood come in yet? I hate having to use the old dry bark when there is fresh to be had.
Voted Strolen
May 25, 2014, 2:05
I enjoyed reading these as well. Inns with personalities that can help any world grow. Often times, places like these turn into player comfort zones where they will continue to return too because they enjoyed the experience of it.
Voted Murometz
October 28, 2014, 22:55
Very flavorful!!

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