Special Equipment:

Pair of Falchions, mercury headband, chain vest. all highly powerful artifacts


Only 2 things set Infren aside from any human being, his unnaturally piercing stare from behind coal black eyes, and the maroon and silver claw shaped mark in the middle of his forehead that seems to glow. Considering he's been trapped for aeons, Infren only knows of the old gods who long since have disapeared. How would you act if everything you knew to be true was gone?


In the days before time, the Good gods began their games against the Evil ones. Mihn, known as Lod, the crafter of the forge and the seer, watched from the distance, and saw all that was to come. Upon beholding the struggle and strife that would befall the world she created. She called unto her servants, Behold, I have seen what will become of what we have made, as such, we must intervene so as our work is not for naught. Who here is willing to take up the yoke of the infinity that is, and become my avatar? None rose, knowing full well the struggle that was to be placed upon their shoulders if they did, until one lone angel stood. I will if I can came a voice trembling with fear of what was to come. Come forward brave child of mine, let me grant you all I am able to give you. As the young angel came forward, his head bowed in reverence, Mihn was surprised. It was Infren, the youngest of the angels, who had indeed only just become. But you son, I remember from when you were but an inkling of a notion of an idea, and your voice called unto me asking that you might become a forge master, wishing nothing but to create with your hands and your will, you have just become and are yet to smell the iron of the forge, will you give this all up to serve? I shall mother, all I ask is your blessing, so I will forever remember I am of you, and you are in me. And bless him she did with a kiss on the forehead. And Infren was sent into the created world, born of human parents, yet not of human blood.
From a young age Infren set off to master the forge, and the arts, magical and martial, his hands graced with precision and power and mind sharpened. He was quick to master all three, as an angel he would always be. As the time of the reckoning as he would call it drew near he took up his hammer and crafted his armament. A pair of falchions, their names known to only him, imbued them with the anger towards those who would destroy this. A headband, infused with the will of his mother, with her symbol shining through the gap in the metal. And a vest, blessed with the love of all that was in this world.
In battles that were lost amongst the annals of history, Infren was imprisoned by the Evil Ones in what would come to be known as Infren Indre, where the three mighty rivers met. Still vying to return and finish off the gods he was sent to destroy, Infren wishes to be free so that he may once again protect creation he was sent to save.

Roleplaying Notes:

- characters find out the truth about Infren and attempt to free him.
- after freeing him and he finds the old gods are gone, now merely a human he wishes to find a way back to his home (tone down items - loss of god's blessing)
- after freeing him and finds old gods are gone, he begins to rampage across the world/universe searching for his mother

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