Infernal Love Potion

How to brew it

Ingredients: black pepper, red wine, honey, cinnamon, a couple of slices of the mushroom known as the Blue Goblin, and a drop of blood from a Succubus that offers it willingly: love's a twisted thing even in Hell. Optional ingredient: a drop of blood from a person that offers it willingly. Procedure: mix everything up and boil it for a whole night. It must be a new moon night. Usage: the potion must be drank before the next half moon (i. e. two weeks) for it to work.

How it works

If the potion contains only the succubus' blood, it works as follows: the imbiber falls in love with the first person of the other sex he/she sees. Actually, the sexual preferences of the imbiber don't change, so if he/she is homosexual, he/she will fall in love with the first person of the same sex he/she sees.

If the potion contains a person's blood, the imbiber will fall in love with that person as soon as he/she sees him/her.

Duration: the potion's effects cease immediately if the imbiber sees the original succubus that offered its blood for the brewing.

Possible plots and situations

Love -and marriages- are powerful political tools in medieval/fantasy worlds: the destiny of kingdoms and nations change for good in a single word: yes. Sometimes that word brings peace and happiness, sometimes it spells doom for generations.

- Love and Peace. Two kingdoms, after decades of war, have finally decided to make peace. A wedding between the two heirs is at hand, actually unifying the two kingdoms to protect them against the barbarian hordes (or any other bigger menace in your setting).
An ambassador from a minor family manages to have the king's only heir drink the potion (made with a drop of blood from a lowly maid, an innkeeper, or something even more embarassing), then is promptly killed by a spy from his own faction.
The goal of this plot is to have the prince offend the other kingdom, so that war starts again and the ambassor's family can have its revenge.
The PCs may be asked to investigate on his death and find some evidence of obscure alchemy and infernal summonings: the ambassador had to summon the succubus and brew the potion while at court.
In the meantime, the foreign princess comes to visit the court, the potion works as intended and everything is going to become very terrible as the marriage risks to be cancelled, because the prince refuses to marry the princess as he is wildly and embarassingly in love with a lowly old maid.
As the PCs find out about the potion and its workings, they'll have to find everything out and destroy its effect resummoning the original succubus before its too late: the day of the wedding.
The true name of the demon will be the final information they need.

-How to please a girl from Hell, or the Earthly Love Potion
. How to convince a succubus to give a drop of its blood? It may ask for a drop of blood from a virgin in exchange. What for? To make its own Earthly Love Potion, of course. It is exactly the same potion, but this one works with demons and devils. Time for a new Queen in Hell!

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