Inemuri Salon started as one of the first generation of SemSinse establishments. In Nippon, Inemuri, the tradition of the late day productivity improving efficiency remained into the Cosmic Era. The creation of cognitive technologies and immersion made it possible for a patient to be cycled through one loop of REM sleep in a stable and controlled environment. Inemuri started as an in house service in the Mishima Zaibatsu, but would eventually expand outward and become one of the most successful SimSense providers.


Inemuri Salon is slick, clean, and exhibits all the Spartan asceticism commonly associated with Nippon, and the hallmarks of Nipponism including bonzai trees, water fixtures, and elements of Feng Shui, Shinto, and the Samurai culture. The foyer and general floor of every Inemuri blends the atmosphere of the Apple Store with a Nipponese styled Starbucks. Behind the general area there are between four and twenty Synthetic Sensation System (S3 Couches). Each of these couches is secluded in it's own small private space, for the privacy of the users.

The staff at Inemuri is entirely robotic, and consists of the highest level of human interaction androids, almost all of which drawn their design elements from the Hitome gynoid design.

There are three available options at Inemuri, 15 minute, 20 minute, and one hour sessions. Through manipulating the sleep cycle and activated dreaming, this time can be expanded to be perceived as much as 6 to 12 times as long.

The 15 Minute Day Dream - the most common, and minimal of Inemuri's offerings, an hour and a half of dreaming is experienced.

The 20 Minute Sweet Kiss - the middle tier offering, the Sweet Kiss is a three to four hour power dream.

The 1 Hour Good Night's Sleep - in an hour, the user will experience an accelerated eight hours of sleep patterns and dreaming.

Pink Salons and SensoRama

Pink Salons and SensoRamas are common in the Cosmic Era, with Pink Salons catering exclusively to sexual dream experiences and SensoRamas being geared more towards entertainment purposes. Inemuri rises above both of these options as it's dreamscapes and sequences are artistically designed. Day dreams involve picnics under cherry blossoms, sweet kisses might involve tea ceremonies or meditating under a waterfall, and the Good Night's Sleep features tailored dreams that are considered as much works of art visually, with music scores and a rarity, no product placements.

The Pink Salon

The Pink Salon exists as the SimSense version of late night softcore pornography and erotica, much like an immersive version of HBO or Cinemax. These salons differ greatly from the more seedy hardcore adult/XXX salons in that they are geared towards women, and tend to be more focused on emotional response.

The SensoRama

SensoRamas are pulp fantasy outlets, selling adventures and escapism for those who are trapped inside the arcology life. The most infamous SensoRama was the short lived Rekall Corp, which ended up going out of business after causing a number of cerebral hemorrhages and cognitive dissonance disorders. It was discovered that Rekall's problem was that their immersions were poorly made and entirely too long, with some running as long as 8 hours, being expanded out into days or even weeks of lucid dreaming. Some of these Rekall dream feeds can still be found in hidden archives and are traded between cog junkies.

For Employees Only

The first Inemuri's were only available to Zaibatsu employees. These employees enjoyed the daily dream they had, and some lamented the fact they couldn't enjoy the same afternoon dream when they weren't working. This prompted Mishima Zaibatsu to open several pilot locations, and soon Inemuri was an installation in Neo Tokyo, and Kyoto. The convenience of the power nap became a staple in Nippon nightlife, pausing between clubs for a 20 minute snooze, then following it with an ice cold Chrome and then heading to the next party.

Following the popularity of Nipponism, Inemuri and it's competitors and copy-cats popped up across many cities, selling designer dreams. Inemuri remained the top contender, tracing it's products back to it's in house master artisans, and promoting not just the dream, but selling a culture and image that go with it. A person doesn't just take a nap at Inemuri, they enjoy a tiny cup of hot tea, and the smile that comes from belonging to a perceived superior product culture.

Plot Hooks

The Clandestine Meeting - The high profile Inemuri is a popular location for transferring secure data, typically through the day dream packages. Inemuri's data servers are among the most secure, and they are considered a low priority for hackers, they are very safe. This allows shadowrunners, data loggers, and others to move their information through Inemuri without drawing undue attention. The PCs must keep a location clear so that a data drop can go on unimpeded. The problem is they don't know who the agent is, or the matter of the data being transferred.

The Tea House - Inemuri is a social location, and sometimes there is a wait for a S3 unit. To ameliorate this, Inemuri is also a very posh tea house, with a cup of their best costing more than an hour immersion. This makes it a popular place for people to meet and greet each other, and there are some locations with linked S3 units, allowing for multiple people to experience the same dream. This is a common place for high level, high power fixers to meet their contacts or PC faces.

The Puppetmaster - a powerful military AISC is using Inemuri S3 units to reprogram the users to work for it, ranging from basic information mining to actually acting in violent or destructive manners before going suicide commando or causing an incident. It is up to the tech savvy PCs to find the link between random acts of violence, and trace it back through the tea house and to the rogue computer intelligence behind it.

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I'd expand on the Puppet Master.

> Brute control is crude. For a twist, the AI might just help them to catharsis, to understand what's wrong in their lives... and suddenly, they abandon the Zaibatsu, or see their sins and dishonor, and kill themselves. The AI may even be well-meaning.

And, I'd add The Prophet.

> A wise man died during his dream session - but he persevered in the dreamscape, and speaks to dreamers. He may even attract a cult and following.