Ahegao Chip

A common cerebral implant/component of an artificial brain is the Ahegao Chip. The Ahegao chip is a behaviour modification system, that when engaged literally disengages the higher cerebral functions of the host brain. The trigger for the chip is sexual stimulation. The higher the level of stimulation, the more active the chip becomes. At the point of orgasm, the cerebral functions are almost completely disabled. The chip was designed for meretrix sex clones, and sex oriented droids.

The Ahegao chip is considered a banned piece of technology because it is commonly misused to oppress people, especially women. This system allows the bearer of the chip to be sexually stimulated to the point that they lose their sense of self, and can be deconstructed on the psyche level. Ahegao chips are fairly common in third world nations, where powerful people keep harems for their pleasure and entertainment.


Translates out as 'Foot Attack' and refers to modifications done to the feet. While considered a catch-all for modifications and upgrades to the lower legs and feet, it is most commonly associated with meretrices who have nerve tracing run through their feet allowing them to be sexual satisfied with foot worship, a common Pacific region fetish. In practice, the most common instances of Ashizeme are modifications for manual dexterity to be added to the feet, cosmetic augmentation to fit a new lifestyle, such as those of neko cat people, or stronger gripping bird feet for fliers and spacers.

Ashizemes can also apply to a genetic mod or droid that has been designed with emphasis on the legs and the feet. This type of mod was popular in field and track sports, or in exotic low gravity mods.


Literally, a prostitute. This term is most common in the PRC and in places where the Nipponese culture has influence. The term is most commonly used with legal prostitution, where the more western terms for sex workers are used with the connotation of illegal or coerced sex workers.

Baishun-san: honorific applied to established and known baishun, also applied to senior workers who have leadership or management positions.

Baishin-chan: literal female prostitute, most commonly used between fellow baishun, colloquially equivalent to 'bitch'

Baishun-kun: literal male prostitute, more commonly applied to men who spend an excessive amount of time and money on baishun.

Baishun-bo: bo is an abbreviation of obbachama, or little lord. When applied to baishun, it denotes a person who has modified or presents themselves as a person of youth, typically of illegal youth. Baishun-bo 'players' are common among Ko girls.


Nipponese for pervert, in the CE a loan word for someone who uses public SimSense parlors for sexual gratification. Most of such locations are intended for this purpose, much like adult theaters of the past. Adopted into English usage, and morphed into 'Chicken'. Formerly a title of a coward, now the sobriquet of a pervert.

Chicken Houses are SimSense parlors that are set up for sexual use. Such places tend to not advertise themselves, but they will have literal chickens in their graphics.


Chin-chin is a cute diminutive name for the penis in Nipponese. Nippon pioneered the detachable penis, the sutorappu heishi, decades before as a medical prosthetic, typically for those men who had lost their genitalia in combat or accidents. This overlapped with the male sexbot industry, which spent entirely too much time and energy on genitalia and nowhere near enough on persona profiling and personality matrices. The Chin-Chin is in the most basic terms, a strap on male sex appliance. It is quite far from the primitive models made of rubber and other synthetic materials. The faux penis is made from the same synthetics that human imitating androids and gynoids are made from. The appliance has neuroconnectivity, allowing it to bridge itself to the wearer's pubic nerve. Various upgrades and such allow for replicating the various functions of the male sex member, but these vary by the kink of the user.

Given the size fetish for male genitalia, it is little surprise that the main and original use of the chin-chin was for male ego enhancement. Many male porn celebrities have very convincing chin-chins, with most fans either not knowing, or not caring, that their star's member is detachable, and under the often foot or more of machismo, they are a regular sized gentleman. This has become slightly more common than actual genetic modification for extreme size, as the chin-chin user doesn't have to carry around 2-4 kilos of flesh between their legs constantly, and can enjoy normal intercourse.

A Futanatrix is a woman who has discovered the chin-chin. The system doesn't care about what gender it is attached to, a pubic nerve is a pubic nerve. Drawn from the Nipponese term 'futanari' or hermaphrodite, the futanatrix is a proponent of the chin-chin. The term is specifically applied to women who use the device in a sexual manner, compared to one who only uses it in a masturbatory manner.

In the Federation AfroZone, the term Hyena is a label given to women who wear a chin-chin as a personal accessory. The practice comes from the idea of wearing one as a power object, both to bolster their own confidence, but to also function as a non-sexual display. The women sporting crotch bulges and mooseknuckles are visually presenting the fact that they are not the subjects of male sexual fantasy. While the term is considered highly derogatory, the AfroZone has the lowest rates of sexism in the Atlantic Federation.


With the relatively widespread availability of life extension products and services, the lifespan of the citizens of the Atlantic Federation and PacRim Coalition are becoming longer and longer. They are able to carry the appearance of youth and middle age well into their senior years, including interest in sexual activity. While similar, Cougars and Jokujos both refer to women who are older than the men they are interested in. The main difference is that the cougar is typically lower income, and often seen as chasing after fleeting youth. The Jokujo is an older woman who has kept her appearance youthful, but has left certain signals that she is not young, and her interest in young men is more to male self gratification demonstrated by older men who pursue younger women.

Jokujo women are typically 60+ years old, and visually look like they are in their late 20s to mid 30s. They are well dressed, with expensive shoes, tasteful jewelry, and will have some prop, a deliberate anachronism, to show their actual age. Many either allow their hair to silver, or they have it professionally silvered. Shades of blue, gray, and white are also not unheard of. In many ways, the Jokujo is the antithesis of the Ko Girl


The Ningyou droid is gaining rapid popularity in the PRC. Functionally, the Ningyou is just a sex droid, and not necessarily a top shelf one. The difference between a ningyou and say a Hitome unit (so retro, so hot right now) or a Apex series droid is that the Ningyou is a licensed property. Other sex droids are based around customization and suiting the tastes of the customer. The Ningyou is a specific person, or much more commonly, a specific character, from a show, series, or other media franchise.

Ningyous draw more on anime and comic sources, and while completely human realistic (no BESM), they are the official 'this character if they were human' and are not droid cosplayers. While there is a small market for licensed droids, such as a Mary Poppins housekeeper/nanny proxy, the vast majority are sold to character collectors and those interested in sexualized characters. There is a growing underground market for unlicensed Ningyou, drawn from intellectual properties that have rejected manufacturers interest in making droids for them.

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