Their homes were like upturned bowls, made of bended branches covered by mud. Then some four people came out of them. This is what they looked like: they were short, none came higher than my chest. Their skin was dark and they had painted their faces white to resemble skulls. Each carried a crude spear and they began to shout and make aggressive gestures. I was much afraid by this, although the men I walked with showed no fear. They knew of these ‘little men' and later told me that this was merely a show of strength that they went through. We had but to wait until it was over and then we could approach. I know all this because I saw it with my own eyes.

Ibn Al-Fadyn's Journeys in the Jungles of Lys


Ibn Al-Fadyn stands around 5 foot 10 with medium coloured skin and dark hair. He is obviously of Ahradian descent with a lean face and frame, and dark eyes. He commonly wears loose clothing of a rich nature suitable for his life in the hot city of Zemoch where he lives now.


Ibn is known for the stories that he tells. But they are not ordinary stories; Ibn tells real tales of what he sees, not exaggerated tales of heroes, although they may feature. Rather Ibn is an observer, who reports only what he has seen. If he has been told something, rather than witness it, he will say so, and so he sought out by many scholars, and by those who would travel, who would the reality of the place they go to.

Ibn began life in the great city of Ahradia, where he was a favoured of the Sultan. Unfortunately, when taking a message on the Sultans behalf to a powerful merchant, he was lured to the bed of the merchant's wife. Although not discovered in the act, the merchant distrusted Ibn and complained to the Sultan. The Sultan did not wish to punish Ibn, but felt that some time away from the city might be in order.

Ibn was sent to trade talks with the Remian Empire, but on the way encountered a group of foreigners, superstitious Northmen who were to return home to fight a monstrous foe. Ibn was, against his request, drawn into their plight and travelled with them.

This was the first of Ibn's journeys. When he returned he documented his travels with the Northmen, discussing their ways and rituals, how they lived and fought and died, as well as the adventure that he shared with them. Since then he has been lured away a number of times on new journeys, employed because of his insight for detail and the matter-of-fact manner of his documentation.

In Ibn's tales, he will often break in the middle of a scene to point out or explain some of what he has seen, before retuning to the scene again to pick up where he left off. Ibn has no wish to be a weaver of tales and leaves that to men and women more talented than he. His documentation can be dry and frustrating to those merely wishing the tale, but many others have taken his tales and work from them to produce wondrous adventures, full of the heroes and magic and wonder that lesser educated folk expect.
Special Equipment


Roleplaying Notes

Ibn is no fighter, although he is able to defend himself if required. Nowadays he considers himself to be an observer of life, and although he purports not to enjoy or want the life that he has chosen, he now finds himself drawn to such ventures. He has thirst to see the unknown and to be the first to document. He relies on no notes, but has an excellent memory that is able to store vast amounts of detail and observation details. When on his journey he does not surround himself with large numbers, feeling that this gets in the way of his observations.

When not on his journeys, Ibn lives in a grand house in the city of Zemoch, where he likes to observe life in the city and relax enjoying all the luxuries he can.

Adventure Hooks

Ibn is on a new journey and requires people who have either seen the place before him, or who are willing to act as his guards on his journey.

The PCs are involved in another's party, and he ahs hired Ibn to document the journey and all its encounters.

Religious zealots find Ibn's work offensive, documenting the rituals of pagans and the like and want him killed. Are the Pcs hired to protect to do the dirty deed?

The PCs are travelling to some new land (for them) and they need information on this land, or they want to know if Ibn has seen a particular object that they require on their travels.

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