Hubal was the very first of all things. He opened like an eye on the void before existence, and shone down with blue light, for he is the moon in the sky. He sent dreams out into the void, where they established themselves like the seeds of trees. Hubal looked down upon the world for ninety-thousand centuries, but when he became confused by the emptiness.
'Surely there must be more than this?' he said, and with his hands, he felt about. Finding nothing, he released forth from himself and created three-hundred and seventy-five beings of his own substance.

Of these, three-hundred and sixty walked away from Hubal's light, and disappeared into the void- these are the Kitubaltulbahuralqotiinu, the 365 Turners-Away, and they will not return (and are forbidden by Hubal from returning) from long journeys among his dreams until the end of time, when Hulan, the true son of Hubal by the Unnamed Goddess, will lift the Cloak of Stars away from the world, and man will see all the gods, and Hubal in his full glory.

Those that remained were the Tisqoshu, the 10 Turners-Toward. These are the children of Hubal who have no mother- they have no female component, and are thus all male.

The Tisqoshu are:
Mahdi, Prince Arrayed In One-Thousand Gems, creator of beauty, nobility, and wisdom
Buluqat, Peacock of Splendid Valor, creator of valor, skill, honor (and honorable combat), strength, and confidence
Alilumiba, Banquet of Glorious Friendships, creator of happiness, friendship, sharing, cooperation, and love
Az Azaban, Stone of Unyielding Puissance, lord of earth
Ti Qoshashbeli, Wind of Wild Creativity, lord of air
Qeshatah Luq, the Earth Being The Air, lord of fire
Yashdoli Buqan, the Air Being The Earth, lord of water
Uwutsi, the Masterful One Clad In Reeds, lord of the forest and of animals
Bahtiib, One Who Disappears, creator of darkness, stealth, secrets, knowledge, and hidden things
Uha, Lamp of Surpassing Luminance, the sun, creator of day, light, truth, revelation, and the sense of sight.

After these came two out of Hubal's dreams who were never seen before, nor were they made, nor were they of the Kitubaltulbahuralqotiinu. They are the Unnamed God and Unnamed Goddess who are lovers but who are also brother and sister.
The Unnamed Goddess is married to Hubal, but keeps her brother as a concubine and as advisor to Hubal.

Hubal gave to men, along with Mahdi and Uha, the ability to make images. But Hubal prohibited men from making images of the Tisqoshu, for they have no female aspect, and their maleness causes in them great arrogance- they will have no images. But men may make images of Hubal, and also of the Unnamed God and Goddess, for they are outside of Hubal and his dreams.

Hubal is in appearance many things- a robed ancient man, a crescent moon, a bull, an ibis. In his more humanoid forms, he is shown with huge exposed genitals. In human form, he is often shown to have a golden hand.

The Unnamed Goddess is shown as a beautiful woman with long, long hair and a silk robe. She has bare feet and bare hands, and exposes her belly. Sometimes, she is shown as being heavily pregnant, or in the throes of passion with her brother, the Unnamed God.

The Unnamed God is shown as a slave-vizier, tall and shaven-headed and wearing a white robe. He reads from a set of tablets. He covers one eye. Sometimes, he is shown in the throes of passion with his sister, the Unnamed Goddess

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