Magic weapons. They have crossed the hands of all adventurers at some point. And many had names. They have a great many stories attributed to them. Stories of their making. Stories of their deeds. Stories of their abandonment. And how did they get those stories? By being wielded.

And who wields a weapon? A warrior. A person strong in heart, who charges out to the field with nary a thought. Either beheading heads or crushing skulls, the warrior uses such weapons to kill.

Some warriors become great. And those warriors, no doubt with bloodstains on their cloaks, either name their weapon or have their weapon named for them.

As is apparent, a warrior's weapon is important to him. They may feel it is their lucky weapon. It may just seem to be a good weapon, perhaps slightly better than the rest. But it is important to him, better than the other weapons of its kind.

It is not known how it happens, but it does. Magic creeps into the weapons as they are wielded. And such magic can only be brought out by the warrior when using the weapon.

The weapon gains special powers. Some weapons gain multiple, weak powers. Some get one, that gets stronger each time the weapon is used. The powers themselves is unique to the weapon. Sometimes they seem to bite a little bit deeper to the target. Others become as light as a feather. Or perhaps a more powerful effect, like the mighty Ironblade- the hit body part turns to immovable iron. Some, like the Dark Dagger, are wrapped by a dark halo and spread a slow acting poison inside the target who never notices the strike.

Such powers are myriad, and unpredictable. It usually has something to do with either the blade or the wielder. Sometimes the weapon might dredge up some fear of the wielder, and become stronger against that for the wielder's sake. Or it might find something the wielder values, and fit that more than otherwise- such as becoming a more honorable blade, or a more agile blade.

The theories behind how this happens are many. Some say that a bit of the wielder's soul transfers into the weapon. Other say that the ambient wild magic is attracted the weapon. A couple claim its the War God's blessing to the successful. Another is that the names they are given attract powers. But no one really knows why weapons gain powers.

It is at this point that I should mention the use of other weapons. If a warrior decides to use a second weapon, then the powers and strength of the first get weaker as the second grows stronger. The exception to that is double-wielding. Holding two swords does not weaken one, they are taken as a unit, as if they were one sword, and the powers attributed to them can only be used together. Sometimes warriors strengthen one,  and then strengthen another, and then dual-wield. This would make it so that each weapon has some strength alone, and other powers together. If this is done, any individual weapon's power can be sued at any time.

What happens when another person uses your weapon? Depends on whether or not the original wielder is dead or not. If they original wielder is alive, then the taker cannot earn or use powers for the weapon. If the wielder is dead, then the taker can earn new powers for the blade- but cannot use powers the old wielder had gained.

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