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January 5, 2008, 1:22 pm

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House of the Abbot


Completely isolated from the rest of the world, the House of the Abbot is possibly the most remote location that can be found.

The picturesque mountains of the Demon’s Arm run the entire length of the continent. Starting as low foothills on the northern coast, by the time the reach the middle and southern portions of the land, their towering peaks raise above the clouds. On the top of the tallest of these mountains, called Mt. Zarial, there is a house.

The top of the mountain has been leveled off, and the round stone structure looks like a cap put on a volcano to prevent eruptions. The sides of the mountain on all sides are nearly sheer vertical drops for thousands of feet, the nearest flat surface hidden by clouds. The stone that was cut from the mountain was used to construct the building that took its place. There are small arched windows all the way around, with wooden shutters, and no glass. The domed stone roof has a beautiful mosaic depicting a scene from the story of Aterlen and Raseri, though it is not known how anyone other than the birds can see it.

Millenia ago, during the golden age of the kingdom of Orion, Aboln Emenna, the High Perbus of the Church of Amon, believed his God had contacted him. He believed that Amon wished him to cleanse himself of the corruptions of the world, and go to a place where mortal sins could not permeate him, so that his soul may reach a more perfect state. Being wholly devout, the Perbus resigned his office and went in search of a place of hermitage. He found this difficult, though, since at the time Orin merchants and explorers had set up mines, trading posts, towns, and camps everywhere he looked.

Unperturbed, Aboln went to the new High Perbus in request for aid. Since Emenna’s quest was seen as divine, the new leader pledged assistance immediately. Before the sun had set that night, over a hundred mages, architects, designers, and priests had begun the treck from the city of Orion to Mt. Zarial. In a few days time, they had reached the site.

With the help of immense levitation magics and inspired architectural ingenuity, work commenced on the House. It was truly beautiful, and all knew it would be a great wonder once it was completed.

Magic was placed upon the structure so that it’s inhabitants would never need for food or drink: a magical well was created in the center of the building which had an endless supply of nectar. The sweet drink completely nourished all who drank it, and eliminated the need for food.

The builders offered to fill the House with priceless work of art and beauty, but Aboln refused. Though the craftsmanship and the art built into the structure was awe-inspiring, the former Perbus thought anything superfluous would defeat his purpose in going. He did, though, accept a multitude of books and tomes, so that he could widen his intellect, and therefore raise his capacity to accept Amon.

When it was completed, the entire entourage returned to Orion. There, a secret portal was created from the whitest marble, and placed deep underneath the massive domed Citadel, the center of Orin government. The passage to the Portal Chamber was rigged with traps, locks, mazes, and magic. Once one finally reached the Chamber, they would find a great animated marble statue in the form of the Archangel Aterlen standing guard.

Aboln, who was already old during the construction, lived in the House for only six years. It was empty until his successor decided that he, too, would accept the trail, and resigned his position as Perbus to occupy the house. And so it went for years and years that when a Perbus felt he was called to do so, he would leave leadership and concede to the House. It is notable that, whenever a new man arrived, he found the body of the one before him mysteriously prepared on a sacred pyre built above the well. It was said the when the body of the previous occupant was burned and "returned to Amon," the smoke was the purest white, and as it exited through all of the windows, it rolled onto the center of the roof and rose skyward in a straight column. The burning left no ashes.

After the fall of Orion and the chaos that destroyed the higherarchy of the Church, the House was all but forgotten, surviving only in myth. The Portal and the dangerous passages leading to it were lost entirely.

Lost, that is, until they were again needed. It is not known how Aruziel Vlorain knew how to find the House, but he did. He occupies it still, though he is not of sound mind, and should be considered dangerous.

The House could be very valuable to any that can reach it. The tomes there contain a wealth of knowledge of any conceivable subject, and the nectar well is one of the few known magic items to still function in the world of Magess.

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Comments ( 8 )
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October 11, 2004, 23:56
Interesting idea, nicely done. I like the conflict between those who wanted to lavishly appoint the house of the abbot with the ascetic drive of the Perbus who desired be unadorned. All too often in games, it becomes for the greater glory of the PC, with no glory left for god.

October 12, 2004, 18:18
Ditto, ditto.
I like the idea that the mountain was basically quarried away to build the temple. I could imagine ascending it- walking up ramps and ancient ladders and scaffolds that were not removed after the building of the House, sheer ledges, long worker's pathways, and, near the top, the ascending ways blasted away so that the only entrance is the portal in the Citadel.

Voted MoonHunter
January 14, 2006, 10:50
Does anyone know who npc=295 was?

Other than that, kind of interesting.
February 16, 2006, 23:28
npc=295 is http://www.strolen.com/content.php?node=1035

Need to update my stuff. Haven't been around much since the site was redesigned.
February 16, 2006, 23:37
Nice to have you back. I hope to see more. While this one was not my cup of tea, it is a very nice piece.
Voted Murometz
February 16, 2006, 23:38
Only voted
January 5, 2008, 13:34
What Scras and Cap said! I like this one. Thanks be to manfred for reviving it.
May 4, 2011, 0:17

good solid


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