The entire city is in an uproar. Two factions proudly identify themselves to each other by wearing red or white scarves or handkerchiefs on their bodies in plain site, or hanging them from their place of business identifying themselves and their belief. Apparently a very respected high priest of the local religion has recently disappeared and so has the entire church coffers leaving it penniless. Those that wear red believe the priest has skipped town taking all of the churches offerings with and those that wear white believe he has been kidnapped and the treasury stolen.

Parishioners and other priests and clerics are in an uproar but don't know what to do. The priest had just recently been pressuring the members of the church to donate more money for a new church to be built. Many priests and parishioners were uneasy with his tactics for getting the collections but it was for a good cause and he was getting results. They are unsure about his true innocence and want to believe he is innocent but just don't know. The church is being pressured to make a stand but they can't make a declaration without more proof and this is causing the city to get closer and closer to violence.

The church, and the city need an answer.

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