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September 7, 2018, 7:35 pm

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Hierarchy of the Modern Anglosphere Military


Here is the governing hierarchy of a standard western style modern military. This is mostly just an amalgamation of the military rankings used primarily within the US and UK armed forces with some inventions of my own. (For example, I gave the OF-10 to OF-7 Air Force ranks the title of "Marshal" just to make them more distinct from their Naval and Army counterparts.) If you're wondering how I came up with this list, I used this link as a frame of reference:

Supreme Commanders (Six Stars)

  • Ground Force: Grand General
  • Naval Force: Grand Admiral
  • Aerospace Force: Grand Marshal

OF-10 (Five Stars)

  • Ground Force: Field General (Commands an Army Group which consists of two or more field armies.)
  • Naval Force: Fleet Admiral
  • Aerospace Force: Royal Marshal

OF-09 (Four Stars)

  • Ground Force: General (Commands a Field Army which consists of two to four corps.)
  • Naval Force: Admiral (Commands a Fleet which consists of all vessels in an ocean or general region.)
  • Aerospace Force: Marshal

OF-08 (Three Stars)

  • Ground Force: Lieutenant General (Commands a Corps which consists of two or more divisions.)
  • Naval Force: Vice Admiral (Commands a Task Force which consists of two or more task groups.)
  • Aerospace Force: Vice Marshal (Commands a Tactical Air Force which consists of all aircraft and personnel deployed in a region.)

OF-07 (Two Stars)

  • Ground Force: Major General (Commands a Division which consists of two to four brigades.)
  • Naval Force: Rear Admiral (Commands a Task Group which consists of two or more task units.)
  • Aerospace Force: Rear Marshal (Commands a Numbered Air Force which consists of two or more groups.)

OF-06 (One Star)

  • Ground Force: Brigadier (Commands a Brigade which consists of two or more regiments.)
  • Naval Force: Commodore (Commands a Task Unit which consists of three to four task elements.)
  • Aerospace Force: Bombardier

OF-05 (Four Stripes)

  • Ground Force: Colonel (Commands a Regiment which consists of two or more battalions.)
  • Naval Force: Captain (Commands a Task Element which consists of one vessel.)
  • Aerospace Force: Group Captain (Commands a Group which consists of two or more wings.)

OF-04 (Three Stripes)

  • Ground Force: Lieutenant Colonel (Commands a Battalion which consists of two to six companies.)
  • Naval Force: Commander
  • Aerospace Force: Wing Commander (Commands a Wing which consists of three to ten squadrons.)

OF-03 (Two Stripes)

  • Ground Force: Major (Commands a Company which consists of two to eight platoons.)
  • Naval Force: Lieutenant Commander
  • Aerospace Force: Squadron Leader (Commands a Squadron which consists of three to four flights.)

OF-02 (One Stripe)

  • Ground Force: Captain
  • Naval Force: Lieutenant
  • Aerospace Force: Flight Lieutenant (Commands a Flight which consists of two sections.)


  • Ground Force: First Lieutenant (Commands a Platoon which consists of two or more squads.)
  • Naval Force: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Aerospace Force: Flying Officer (Commands a Section which consists of two to three planes.)


  • Ground Force: Second Lieutenant
  • Naval Force: Ensign
  • Aerospace Force: Pilot Officer


  • All Branches: Chief Warrant Officer 5


  • All Branches: Chief Warrant Officer 4


  • All Branches: Chief Warrant Officer 3


  • All Branches: Chief Warrant Officer 2


  • All Branches: Warrant Officer


  • Ground Force: Sergeant Major
  • Naval Force: Master Chief Petty Officer
  • Aerospace Force: Chief Master Sergeant


  • Ground Force: Master Sergeant
  • Naval Force: Senior Chief Petty Officer
  • Aerospace Force: Senior Master Sergeant


  • Ground Force: Sergeant First Class (Commands a Squad which consists of two or more fireteams and a coordinating commander.)
  • Naval Force: Chief Petty Officer
  • Aerospace Force: Master Sergeant


  • Ground Force: Staff Sergeant
  • Naval Force: Petty Officer First Class
  • Aerospace Force: Technical Sergeant


  • Ground Force: Sergeant (Commands a Fireteam which consists of four to five soldiers.)
  • Naval Force: Petty Officer Second Class
  • Aerospace Force: Staff Sergeant


  • Ground Force: Corporal
  • Naval Force: Petty Officer Third Class
  • Aerospace Force: Senior Airman


  • Ground Force: Lance Corporal
  • Naval Force: Seaman
  • Aerospace Force: Airman First Class


  • Ground Force: Private First Class
  • Naval Force: Seaman Apprentice
  • Aerospace Force: Airman


  • Ground Force: Private
  • Naval Force: Seaman Recruit
  • Aerospace Force: Airman Basic

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Rank Systems By: Strolen ( Systems ) Societal/ Cultural - General

I am always looking for rank structures to use in games. It is my hope that you will share some of your historical knowledge or ranks and/or reveal to us the hierarchy of ranks in the games that you play.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted valadaar
February 28, 2017, 15:31
What it says on the box. A good listing of ranks.

Might want to link it to the Ranks codex.
Voted Cheka Man
August 24, 2017, 21:24
Voted Scrasamax
August 25, 2017, 5:56
Only voted
Voted axlerowes
September 7, 2018, 19:48
This a good place for these types of foot notes, it is well presented and easy to follow, the most important thing for a long list


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