A typical old wizard, Hanserd wears mustard colored robes and walks with a twisted walking stick. While he is not frail, he is now quite old for a human, well into his late 90s and many correctly assume that his longevity is tied to his sorcery and the potions he brews. His hands are brittle and dry, his eyes are quick, but most often bloodshot.

A wizard of little to no repute, Hanserd has lived most of his life in obscurity and planned to also die in obscurity. The most unusual aspect of his life is that in his late 40s he started to dabble in the infernal arts and summoned a succubus demon. Through a quirk of fate, the demonette did not destroy the impertinent human, instead she fell in love with him and gave him her withered black heart. Technically an infernalist, Hanserd lived a quiet life without sulfer, brimstone, bloody rituals, or gibbering horrors from beyond time and space.

His grandiose claim of being of the Silver Hand is a complete and total farce he puts on to keep middling nobles and merchants from harassing him. No one has heard of The Silver Hand and most incorrectly assume that they are some powerful and secretive organization. In truth, the Silver Hand was Hanserd's cabal of fellow mages in training many years ago and the juvenile organization did not survive their respective graduations.

Hanserd's Tower
Much like any other tower of magic, Hanserd's tower sits on a ley line of middle power and has the basic accoutrements for alchemy and ritual sorcery. The three story structure houses Hanserd, a small contingent of livestock as well as a stable. The middle floor is divided into two rooms, one as his library, the other his personal chambers. The third floor is his laboratory and the roof of the tower, flat topped with a five foot surrounding wall, is the site of his permanent summoning circle.

Roleplaying Notes
Hanserd is a bachelor wizard who routinely summons his succubus lover with offerings of his own blood. He lives alone and tends his own livestock and a small garden, most pay him little mind other than to bother on occasion for a minor potion of healing, or a sorcerous blessing for that. Most consider him a harmless relic since his magic is all but unknown and he is really a bit too out of the way for most regular travelers. This is intentional as the elderly Hanserd just wants to be left alone until he feels death coming for him, then he plans to let his demonic lover snatch him, body and soul, away to hell.

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