Full Item Description
Literally meaning 'A shark's lei,' these Ankorillian weapons are particularly effective and devastating. They are fashioned in many shapes and sizes. Some Haio-Mano's are designed for use as daggers, some are more club-like and others are strictly designed for cutting and slashing. Haio-Mano's are made utilizing one to many shark's teeth. The teeth is usually attached to wood, but could be affixed to bone (human or animal), cordage, turtle shell or other materials. The teeth are secured by lacing, pegging or sewing.

The Haio-Mano, combined with other weapons such as a bone dagger, provided its owner with additional stabbing and slashing features. The cutting and tearing effects of the very sharp teeth of the shark, makes the Mano a very formidable close combat weapon

Magic/Cursed Properties
Given the right rituals, one can invoke the Shark Spirits. This could give one supernatural abilities, if one believes the legends.

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