Growjuice was a healing potion that was invented by healer mages at East Point that were trying to create something capable of healing the most fearsome battle wounds. It was tested first on badly wounded POWs that were close to death allready and who freely gave their consent rather then be left to die a painful death. It worked...sort of.

Whilst capable of healing the most nasty wounds, it was found to have an unwanted effect if even a drop of it touched uninjured flesh, causing, depending on where it touched, fleshy lumps, extra, boneless *fingers*, or even multiple eyes if it got too close to unwounded eyes, and medical men who handle it wear gloves. If drunk it can heal a badly burned throat, but should the throat not be allready harmed, the effect will be deadly as the throat cells grow and block the airway, choking the person to death as if they were being strangled from the inside and leaving no marks on the outside of the body.

Plot Hooks-Somebody at a beauty contest has had this thrown in her face and ended up with twenty eyes and two noses. The PCs are hired to protect a beauty queen from suffering the same fate.

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