Grothar's oxen driking horn has an ornate silver encasement over the bottom half of the horn. The ornate carvings are of a large table surrounded by dwarves with their hands holding drinking horns raised in a toast.

Grothar Rockfury was a legendary adventurerer that, like most dwarves, loved his ale. Not just any ale, but the prized ale of the Falorian Mountain Clan said to be the best in the land by those that know such things. His need for a good ale after a mighty fight prompted him pay a wizard to create the drinking horn. The wizard, unable to get it to work with fresh water reverted to salt water. Said it had something to do with the aging process.

Magical Properties:
The drinking horn will change salt water into Falorian Ale as it passes over the lips of those that drink out of it.

You are not able to just put saltwater and pour Falorian Ale out of it, it only works as somebody drinks out of it. It is the best damn ale in the realms and is a perfect likeness to true Falorian Ale in every way.

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