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March 2, 2006, 4:13 am

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Gods will


We are not mere assassins, we are Gods will.

The masses know them as Angers Judgement, but they prefer God’s Will. This group of assassins are never found when searched for; they merely appear when their clients wish death or a brutal maiming upon another. They hear a character’s cry for revenge even if the words do not touch their lips.

When one of them appears before a perspective client he must not refuse the offer; this results in punishment for the client. Death is possible, but a spurned assassin usually pierces their mind with the mark of defiance. All psionics of the order can see this and are honor bound to inflict some type of torture or interference in the life of the marked.

When appearing for a job, God’s Will members wear outfits that are black and purple in color. The particular style varies with the nationality and region in which the assassins live. Obviously, they must keep their identities hidden with veils, scarfs, cloaks and other obtrusions to remain anonymous.

The payment they coherse is never more than they one can afford (they can read their thoughts after all). Usually it is a “favor” to be collected later. Money is usually not their driving desire, but not out of the question. Above all they desire favors to be collected when needed. Refusal for a collected favor is always death.

These men and women are found within all classes: serfs, royal counsel, black smiths, beggars, guilds, e.t.c. All of them are psionics and fill their ranks with babies they sense have the gift. When they breed, they only do so within their circle. If they have a baby without the gift, then they kill them. Children without the gift are worthless to them.

Their hatred for the ungifted is deep seeded in the fact that psionics, for hundreds of years, have been hunted and killed by those who fear their power. Knights, wizards, guilds, and even whole nations, at one point and time, have declared war upon their very existence and ultimately seeked out their extermination. When ever one is found to coexist in a community, the locals break into chaos. This chaos often consumes all those who personally know, or have been in frequent contact with, the psionic be tortured into confession and then burned, stoned, and hung; along with the guilty psionicist.

Many orders (both religious and non) have arose over the years to quell what is considered deviltry, or outright demon possession. The most ruthless and longstanding is the Royal Order of the sphinsters; which was formed some ninety years ago. A baron named beauregarde sphinster, being the type of man to seize an opportunity when it presents itself, used his small amount of political clout to form a small council of puppets who traveled throughout the land promising to rid a town or countryside of this scourge. A hefty fee was charged for the services they rendered, of course. They charged by the head.

This council used actual psionics to hunt down others. When no psionics were found in an area, the council would create one. Creating one meant that they would pick out an outcast of society and pressure (torture) him to confess. The trial they held was always public occassions for grandstanding and to build notoriety. One of the slaves they used for hunting was named Kaeel, and, at first, he reveled in the work.

Kaeel was a baby when the council’s “Dogs” found him. They decided to keep and raise him for future use. Raised in the confines of slavery and taught the brutality of hatred, Kaeel became the most vicious hunter of all the slaves. Often times killing his prey (psionic and not) without a grandiose trial, which angered the council many times over.

In desperation(after roughly forty years of hunting), Kaeel, instead of hunting psionics, recruited them. The only people he brought before trial were men of authority and wealth, and those psionics who would not join him. He
formed an extremely loyal army that was instructed to wait for his return. So that they may rid the world of the tyranny of the ungifted.

It came on a brisk spring evening after a day of reveltry and celebration from another day of successful hunting. Kaeel was being punished for not finding a true psionic. He was tied to a post and being whipped; given one lash for ever year he lived as a psionic. After the beating was concluded the council and it’s members finished out the festivities and went to sleep. During their slumber a fellow Dog came to him and released him from bondage. Together they entered the minds of everyone there, murdered them and fled into the night.

Back tracking his way to where they had been, Kaeel collected all of the psionics that pledged their allegiance. This small, yet formidable army stormed havoc throught out the countrysides of many nations. The more members that were collected, the bloodier their wake became.

For two years the army marched where Kaeel led them; attacking the leaders of nations and known opponents of their existence, and then moving on. They would enter small villages and incapacitate or even murder any capable defenders and then pillage their needed resources. This became known as the purge war.

This misguided plan of sporadically massacring the world’s leaders unwittingly created alliances amongst those that were once enemies. Wizard and knight; thief and noble stood together to fight a common enemy. Small skermishes were used by the ungifted to lure the militarily untrained psionics into a trap: the battle of durin plains. The army of psionics became quickly encircled after nightfall, and at dawn the opposing force, some 5,000 strong fought and nearly decimated the entire psionic army. It was in the fleeting moments of combat the demon-god Thuul appeared.

Kaeel and the other psionics were offered a deal: he would save their lives as long as they promised to serve him against the ungifted. In desperation, Kaeel and his army submitted to him and vanished; being delivered from certain death; giving fealty to a god of chaos.

The assassins now worship the chaotic god Thuul.Thrice times daily, these believers pray to him. Prayer lasts for 30 minutes at a time, and while praying they fall into a deep trance that blocks out all of their senses to the outside world. It is during this that they are most susceptible to any attack.

Once a year, to celebrate the night Kaeel destroyed his masters, the psionic enclaves search out and kill someone who is prejudice towards psionics. This is called the celebration of freedom and is the second most holy day for them; the first is the celebration of Thuul’s Birth.

Their God demands them to live their lifes integrated into society, but, at the same time, isolated from normal interaction with non-psionics. God’s Will members live in small groups consisting of as many as ten, to as little as one. The assassins know that it is not their destiny to rule the world; just keep chaos within it.

Their typical methods of destruction:
1. mind melt: the psionicist puts his hands on the victims head whipping his brain into a liquid that oozes out of his head.
2. madness: Their opponent suffers for hours, even days. This causes the victim to feel claustrophobic and fearful of mundane things. He may see bugs crawling in and on his body; see his body transform into another lifeform; and have total loss of bowel control. The end result is permanent madness.

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Comments ( 9 )
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December 4, 2005, 14:31
A neat idea - they're very powerful, but their sometimes unwanted nature makes them balanced as well as seeding the ground for many potential quests. However, a little backstory would be nice, and I would like a way to combat them - for instance, If a PC wishes death upon a friend in heat, and refuses the offer, he should not become a lost cause. Also, is the society led by a person (with meetings and messages and such), or is it divinely controlled by the influence of a God (who organizes them subconsciously)?

I haven't voted yet, so if you want to elaborate I'll wait. A cool start, but (I) want to see more!
Michael Jotne Slayer
December 8, 2005, 22:56
I agree with sparK!, I will hold my vote. A nice basis for something bigger.
December 9, 2005, 9:58
Guys, Strom has not been here in a really long time. You can vote now and hopefully edit your vote later (if Strolen has fixed that bug).
Michael Jotne Slayer
December 17, 2005, 17:58
Perhaps we could have a small R.I.P note next too the names of those that has not logged on for a year or so? Anyway, I produce a 3.0 for a good solid idea.
Perhaps one day it may be expanded.
Voted KendraHeart
December 27, 2005, 19:19
Blah Uberpsychics who are assassins. If they were Gods, they would need this assassin gig. Pointless
January 30, 2006, 4:11
Updated: Been gone a while and figured I would clean-up this up as requested. My first attempt was just to get an idea on paper; so it was a little messy.
Voted Spark
February 1, 2006, 16:51
Much better. An elaborate backstory and a reason for existance. Thanks for sticking to your word!
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
February 4, 2006, 19:13
New vote for a splendidly updated post, I produce a 4.5.
Voted Cheka Man
February 4, 2006, 21:06
A group of assassins with a good reason for existing.

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