Gods of The Golden City

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1000 years of peace has taken it's toll on the divine beings of the Golden City. Some have faded away, some have left the dimention in hopes of getting followers and these that remain are of a peculiar sort .They have fused together in pairs and triplicate o appeal to a wider worshiper base.

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The goddess of women. Four faces/attributes: 1. The Maiden, love and romance, 2. The Mother, child birth & child rearing, 3. The Matron, wisdom to overcome hardships, 4. The Mourner, peaceful passing in death and comfort (and revenge if applicable) to the deceased's family.

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When you say that some of the gods have fused together into pairs and triads are we talking about Hindu style gods where you have a single god body with three faces/heads so everyone knows they are worshiping a fused deity, or more of a tryptych/Holy Trinity thing where you have all sorts of semantic and theological arguments about the nature and relationship of the individual components ala If Jesus is God, who does Jesus pray to in the Garden of Gethsemane?

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