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Glacier Fins are one of the most fearsome predator on the ice.

These creatures live in the deep thick ice of glaciers, moving through it like a shark moves through water. They are a 'medium' size shark (yellow or greyfin). Their pointed noise is as hard as bone. It vibrates (and even projects a sonic vibration), shattering the ice. They tunnel through the ice and snow as if it was water, leaving soft powdery ice behind them (think shaved ice and they swim through it). They move through the surface of the ice shelf, their fin sticking out, because near the surface they are faster. That and the subtle vibration or humm that heralds their appearance causes instant fear in every ice dweller.

Glacier Fins have superior senses. They can smell things, even through the ice, at hundreds of yards/ meters. They can sense heat and motion almost anywhere upon their ice. (They also possess an ice sonar that allows them to know where they are in the ice and to follow other ice trails).

Their bite is fearsome and can cut a man in half. However, their ability to stun targets at short range with a thunderous 'PAH!' allows them to attack with leisurely savagry. The Fin will sometimes crack ice or cause avalanches with its PAH! so it can trap more prey efficiently (swiming through the snow to eat things trapped there).

Additional Information
Walking on powdered ice is dangerous, as one will often fall deeply into it, becoming stuck. It becomes a hazard on the ice. Of course, if the fin is anywhere nearby, it will simply swim up its existing tunnel and take a snack of the hapless victim.

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